What is the Best Material For an Architect Scale Ruler?

Designing an Architect Scale Ruler
Designing an Architect Scale Ruler

If you had all these materials to choose from, and needed to make an architect scale ruler, which would be the best choice?

  • wood. Too thick. The markings wouldn’t be close enough to the drawing. Also, printing fine delicate lines on wood is impossible. Warping and changing of length due to heat and humidity is a big factor to consider.
  • steel.  It would rust in time. Stainless steel would be a better choice, but a little expensive.
  • plastic. Not durable enough for daily use. Plus, how would you put fine markings on it?
  • aluminum. The best choice, because it won’t rust, lasts forever, and you can print fine lines on it using Photo Anodizing.
  • cardboard. Naw. too flimsy.
  • stone. Probably would be too thick for the job.
  • ceramic. Would be too thick or too brittle.
  • fabric. Too variable in length due to stretching.

3331-3130 Architect 6″ Four Bevel Scales 3130

Why Promotional Maglites® Are The Best Gifts

Promotional Maglites
Promotional Maglites

Promotional Maglites® (or maglights) make the best logo gifts for these reasons:

  1. They are suitable for all age groups.
  2. They are appreciated by both men and women.
  3. Maglites are American-made.
  4. They last forever. They are covered by a Maglite limited lifetime warranty by the manufacturer (in the western hemishpere).
  5. Your company logo is permanently laser engraved on the anodized aluminum barrel. It will never rub off.