Pipe Diameter Tape Measures Are Made For All Users

The United States never did switch over to the metric system, as it was planned in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Yes, metric went over like a lead balloon. Americans are happy with inches, feet, gallons, and yards. The centimeter, liter and meter were mostly rejected. Both systems are used today in 2021 in labeling food products and liquids, but we Americans have learned to skim over those parts of the label that don’t fit into our familiar system.

The scientific community is firmly based on the MKS and CGS systems (meter, kilogram, second) and (centimeter, gram, second). The biggest part of the world is metric-based also.

Fortunately, pipe diameter tape measures are made for both systems, separately, and there is even one that is made with the inch and metric system together. The front side of the tape is in diameter inches (up to 38). The back side is in diameter millimeters (up to 955). This is a rare tool, but some companies need both measurements to satisfy their requirements.

Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape, Metric & Inch Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape, Metric & Inch


Using a Pipe Diameter Tape Measure Is a No-Brainer

If you have a pipeline and need to find the OD (outside diameter) it makes sense to use a pipe diameter tape measure. Even a chimp could be trained to use one. (I think). All you do is

My New Pipe Diameter Tape Measure
My New Pipe Diameter Tape
  1. Wrap the tape around the pipe.
  2. Read the marking where the zero mark touches the tape.
  3. Even though the tape is wrapped around the circumference, it is marked by a factor of pi, so it gives you the diameter.
  4. You’re done.

Now it’s time to enjoy the rest of the day in the shade.

The Anatomy of Today’s Architect Scale Ruler

Using a Good Architect Scale Ruler
Using a Good Architect Scale Ruler

An architect scale ruler is used by architects, designers, planners, and draftsmen. If you are going to order some with your company logo, which ruler should you choose?

  • 6 inches long, or 12 inches long? Will the person using it, be carrying it in their shirt pocket, or in their brief case, or on their desk?
  • Scales. A good architect scale ruler has at least 8 scales. Examples are (1/8, ¼), (½, 1), (3/8, 3/4), (3, 1½). These are listed in pairs, because they share the same edge, but are marked in opposite directions.
  • Color. It is good to choose a color that goes with your corporate colors.
  • Imprint color. The logo imprint color is usually the same color as the markings. So, you should choose a markings color that has a high contrast from the color of the ruler.
  • A good ruler is imprinted using a photo anodized method. This assures smooth edges, so you can use a pen or pencil to draw tick-free lines.
  • Aluminum is the best material, since it doesn’t warp.

If your architect ruler has all these characteristics, you have a good one.

5 Ultimate Misconceptions About Promotional Maglites

Promotional Maglites might not be totally understood by the public. Here are

Promotional Maglites® Come In Multiple Colors
Promotional Maglites® Come In Multiple Colors

some possible misconceptions:

  1. They are expensive.
  2. They are imported.
  3. They are made for policemen only.
  4. They only come in black.
  5. They don’t come with batteries.


  1. In comparison to imported flashlights of the same size, the Maglites are higher priced. But, you can expect to pay more for a higher quality product.
  2. Maglites torches have always been designed and manufactured in the USA.
  3. Originally, they were popular among policemen. Then the general public caught on to the supreme dependability of these quality-made flashlights.
  4. Some models actually come in about 11 different colors.
  5. All but the large ones come with alkaline batteries, and a solid plastic gift box.

Promotional Maglights Are Made for All Budgets and Designs


Maglite® (Promotional Maglights)

Promotional maglights (really spelled Maglites) come in all sizes and colors. If


your logo color is one of these, then there is a matching Maglite for you.

The prices range from $9.17 to $160.00, but all models do not come in all these colors. For small businesses with just a few workers, one of the Maglites can be bought in a quantity as low as 6. That’s the model ML150LR, LED Rechargeable System.

ML150LR_ML150LR-Default_48368 Maglite® LED Rechargeable System ML150LR

You’ll Definitely Get An A+ For Giving These Travel Tumblers To Your Teachers

Give Travel Tumblers During #TeacherAppreciationWeek
Give Travel Tumblers During #TeacherAppreciationWeek

No matter how much time has passed, you’ll always remember the name of your favorite teacher. This week is #TeacherAppreciationWeek, a week where all teachers near and far deserve to be recognized for all of their hard work throughout the year (no matter if it’s in-person or distance-learning!).

One gift they would carry around wherever they go is a custom-printed travel tumbler. Take your pick from any of these, you can’t go wrong!

Be Bottle 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler
Be Bottle 20 oz Stainless Steel Tumbler
H2Go Ascent
H2Go Ascent
Bubba Envy Mug
Bubba Envy Mug