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How To Measure the Diameter of a Pipe


How to measure the diameter of a pipe or pipeline:  These Lufkin tape measures are easy to use.   They are also called OD tapes, o.d., outside diameter, pie, or pipe tapes.  Simply wrap it around the pipe, pipeline, or pole, and read off the "diameter scale" side.  To read the circumference, simply use the other side of the scale.  Pipe OD tapes are used in construction and engineering, and are less cumbersome than calipers and micrometers.   We have a variety of pipe diameter tapes for the executive and contractor.  They are handy, and fit easily in your pocket.  Available in both INCH and METRIC, we can put your company LOGO on them! They make practical use of pi, which is the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter.

Play ButtonSee our instructional video page, "How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe".

 News: in March 2015 we changed the production time for our Pi-Cobra models to 3 weeks (used to be 6 weeks).  We also changed the time for our 24" metric/inch model to 3 weeks (used to be 10-12 weeks). The minimum order also has been adjusted to accommodate our customers. Do you want only 25 with your logo? We can do it now.

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Email your logo to us, and we can put it on these o.d. tape measures for you. They are great for giving to customers and employees. If you need an extremely high precision pipe tape, see Pi Tape® precision measuring products at pitape.com.

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