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Screwdrivers to Make Your Job Go Easier

Screwdrivers are ubiquitous. What would we do without them? Every day we need to tighten towel racks, musical instruments, battery compartment doors, laptop panels, eye glasses, hinges, movable parts of our easy chairs, etc. What better way to advertise your company, than to put your full color corporate logo on screwdrivers and put them into circulation. Give them to your customers, employees, family members, and attendees at the trade shows.

Screw drivers last almost forever. They come in many sizes. Everyone uses them. Everyone appreciates receiving one as a gift. Do you want your advertising message last forever? This is a great way to ensure that.

This form of advertising is used by: music repairmen, banks, shops, hardware stores, dairy farm maintenance services, builders, contractors, real estate companies, car dealerships, motorcycle shops, die makers, pattern shops, paint stores, remodelers, design centers, architects, engineering firms, lawyers, and hospitals.

Email or call if you have any questions. We have personalized service.

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