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Promotional LED MagLite Flashlights® With Your Corporate Logo Laser Engraved

A page just for the LED version of a favorite flashlight company.

This world famous flashlight company located in the USA has a huge fan club. All the fans love the products that they already have, but are always looking for more innovations from Mag-Lite®. Just recently we added a few NEW LED products to satisfy our thirsty customers. All the LED versions  are shown on this page.

Promotional engraved Maglite flashlights® are a perfect corporate gift for any business. They are uniquely suited for manufacturers, architects, builders, real estate companies, seed companies, insurance firms, campgrounds, RV dealers, gun clubs, and steel fabricators.

Note: A large number of people find us on Google using these variations of spellings. Examples are: led maglight flashlights, meg-lites, meglights, maglite flashlights
and mag lights. They are all looking for the same great product. We just want to give you the best product and the best service.

The owner and inventor of this amazing collection of flashlights, Tony Maglica, had a great idea in 1979. He had enough drive and determination to transform his idea into a highly successful American manufacturer. Part of his success lies in his commitment to keeping his product manufactured in the USA. This is contrary to many other companies that have been moving their production overseas, where labor is much less expensive. His company has gone through different styles of Maglites over the last 40 some years. The first design was a large flashlight for police officers. It was so popular that he expanded into other sizes. The Mini Maglite is very popular now. Tony also added LED bulbs to some of the newer models. Then recently, he has been using COB (chip on board) bulbs, which are even brighter than LED bulbs. Rechargeable models were also developed, and also the 3-AAA bulb versions in which the 3 batteries are clustered together in a holder. This makes for a better shape than a long skinny 3-AAA flashlight. What will Mr. Maglica think of next? We shall see.

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