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NEW, Color Imprint is now available.

MagLites® with your Full Color Imprint. Newly developed in 2010, this is a color process for putting your company logo on the world famous Mag-Lites®! We don't make these jems, but we decorate them with your color logo. If laser engraving doesn't do justice to your logo, this might be your answer.

Note: A large number of people google the incorrect spellings, but all these wrong spellings lead them to us. Examples are: maglight flashlights, meg-lites, and mag lights. We don't judge you on how well you spell. We just want to give you the best product and the best service.

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Advantage Advertising, LLC is not affiliated with Mag Instrument, Inc., which owns the famous MAG family of trademarks, including MAGLITE® and MINI MAGLITE®, trademarks in the distinctive shape, style, and overall appearance of its flashlights, and in the circumferential inscriptions around the face caps of all of Mag Instrument, Inc.’s flashlights.

Email or call if you have any questions. We have personalized service.

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