How to Use an Architect Scale Ruler

Architect Scale Rulers
Architect Scale Rulers

To operate an architect scale ruler, first look at the Title Block on the blueprint. It is located in the bottom right corner. This area contains valuable information to help you choose the correct scale: title of the drawing, the owner or customer of the project, names of the designer, drawer, pertinent ID numbers, and the supervisors. It has the page number, if multiple pages are involved, and the version number. It also has areas for the signatures of those who approved the drawing, and the dates they approved it.

There is also a small block that says what scale the drawing was made in.  This is what you really need. Some examples are: 1″ = 30′, 1/4″=1′, 1/8″=1′, 1/2″=1’0″. If it is 1/8=1′, then use the side of the tape (more)……


3030 Hollow Triangular Architect 12″ Scale 3030

How a Diameter Tape Can Find a Pipe Diameter For You

How to measure the diameter of a pipe or log

How do you work a diameter tape? You don’t. It works for YOU.

A Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure will make your job quick and easy. Just wrap it around a pipe, pipeline, or other round object, and read its diameter right off the tape. Yes, you wrap it around the “circumference”, but it reads “diameter” for you. You don’t need to divide by pi (3.14159).

See our 2 minute diameter tape video to learn a few other details about this valuable tool.

Diameter Tapes
Diameter Tapes Video





What Can A Pipe Diameter Measuring Tape Do For Me?

Want To Know The Diameter of Your Arm?
Want To Know The Diameter of Your Arm?

Most people don’t use a pipe diameter measuring tape. The reason is not that they don’t need one. The reason is that they don’t know how powerful it is. They don’t know what it can do for them. Just ask the people who use one every day:

  • pipe installers
  • plumbers
  • pipeline inspectors
  • pipeline installers and repairmen
  • HVAC installers
  • car mechanics
  • boat mechanics
  • oil and gas rig workers
  • sport ball makers

They will tell you this: If you want to know the outside diameter of a pipe or any round object, just wrap the diameter tape around its circumference, and read the diameter on the tape. Simple. You don’t have to divide by pi. The best part of this: Even if the pipe is not perfectly round, the od diameter tape will give you the average outside diameter as if it were perfectly round.

Can I help, too?
Can I help, too?




How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe or Pipeline


Blonde With A Question
Girl With A Diameter Question

Have you ever wondered how to measure the diameter of a pipe? Don’t feel alone. Many people have asked that question. The answer is quite simple. You need a diameter tape, and then watch this little 2 minute video. It’s as simple as measuring the length of a stick. You just need a pipe diameter tape to to the work for you, then a pencil to write down the answer.

Many people need a pipe diameter tape every day. Plumbers, oilfield repairmen, gas and oil well drillers, city water departments, tree experts, and pipe manufacturers all need to use a pipe diameter tape continuously in their job. Just watch this short video, and then purchase a diameter tape. It will make your job go much easier.

How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe
How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe


The Most Popular Pipe Diameter Tape Measure In The World

Diameter Tapes
Diameter Tapes

The market for diameter tapes is relatively small. But for the people that use them at work, they are very valuable. There are a few manufacturers worldwide. Of that small group, one manufacturer stands out above the others. Lufkin. Yes, Lufkin makes the most popular pipe diameter tape measure in the world. Everyone who works with pipes and oil and gas pipelines prefers that brand. It is known for consistent quality and engineering.

Lufkin Y906PD pipe diameter tape measure, not Barlow W906PD Lufkin Diameter Tape


The Best Oilfield Tally Books in the USA

Oilfield Pumping Rigs
Oilfield Pumping Rigs

Everyone who works in the oil and gas drilling industry needs to keep track of their daily activities. Tasks like

  • the number of feet of pipe that has been put down
  • number of times the equipment has been oiled and repaired
  • the hours that you worked today
  • gauge readings of all the equipment
  • inventory of pipe and supplies that were received today

You can’t trust these things to memory. The most accurate way to keep track of data in the field is to enter it in a tally book as it happens.

The best oilfield tally books in the USA are made right here in the USA. They are weatherproof, and have many options, like:

  1. Pen loop
  2. Inside cover imprint
  3. Clear inserts for keeping often-used papers
  4. Full color imprint
  5. A selection of stock art

    3400-3410-CR10.jpg Stock Art- Sunset Oilfield Tally Book 3400CR10