Why We Love Promotional Maglites (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Promotional Maglites
Why We Love Promotional Maglites

The flashlights that are popular around the world, Promotional Maglites, occupy a special place in our hearts. Here are our best reasons:

  • When we walk in the neighborhood at night, they protect us from dangers like traffic, uneven sidewalks, and randomly placed dog waste.
  • Maglites advertise our business to our customers.
  • They carry our logo almost forever.
  • Their fine quality reflects the quality of our business services and products.
  • Our customers appreciate us because we care enough to give the best flashlight made.
  • Maglites are made in the USA.

The Most Popular Promotional Maglights

Maglites come in many different sizes and colors. Some have incandescent bulbs,

The Most Popular Promotional Maglights
The Most Popular Promotional Maglights

and some have LED bulbs. Here are the top sellers:

Mag-Lite Promotional Products K3A MagLite® Solitaire Flashlight

The K3A is the most economically-priced of all the promotional Maglights. Sometimes they are on sale for only $7.94. That fits into most budgets for appreciation gifts. It does come with an alkaline battery and a carry strap. There’s no need to wrap this one up as a present. It already comes with a permanent hard plastic hinged gift box.

2aaled-red.jpg 2AALED Mini MagLite® LED Flashlight

The other popular one has an LED bulb and 2 AA batteries. It puts out an extreme amount of light for its size. LED flashlights are often requested by business owners who want to give a high quality gift to their employees.

Happy Birthday To The Diameter Tape Measure!

Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay
Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay

Today may seem like a regular old Tuesday in July, but did you know that today is the one day a year we can officially celebrate the diameter tape measure? Today is Tape Measure Day!

Some fun facts:

  • William H. Bangs received the first patent in 1864 for a spring return pocket tape measure
  • 1920s: the concave-convex tape measure was invented (the current standard design of tapes); these become mass-produced
  • 1956: longest tape measure made- 600’ long!
  • Any of these retractable tape measures & diameter tape measures can be imprinted with your logo:
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Barlow 25' Gripper Tape Measure
Barlow 25′ Gripper Tape Measure
Lufkin 25' Chrome Legacy Tape Measure
Lufkin 25′ Chrome Legacy Tape Measure

8 People That Would Love to Receive an Architect Scale Ruler With Your Logo

Architect At Work Using an Architect Scale Ruler
Architect At Work Using an Architect Scale Ruler

If you are thinking of giving a useful gift to some of your customers, here are some ideas. These are the people who would love to get an architect scale ruler from you, with your company logo.

  1. Architect
  2. Kitchen Designer
  3. City Planner
  4. Engineer
  5. Contractor
  6. Builder
  7. Draftsman
  8. Construction Estimator

All of these people design or read blueprints in the course of their daily work. An architect scale ruler is a necessity for measuring the size of objects on the blueprint. It is used in the office and at the job site.

If your company needs to advertise to the people on this list, then you need to order architect scale rulers with your logo permanently engraved.

5 Answers to Your Questions About Getting a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo

When business owners think about giving a Maglite engraved with their logo to their employees, here are their top questions:

Giving a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo
Giving a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo
  1. Can I get a Maglite in my corporate color? The K3A comes in 8 different colors. Probably one of them will correspond with your corporate color. Many other models come in colors other than the basic black, blue, gray and red.
  2. Does it have a lifetime warranty? Maglite used to offer a lifetime warranty, but that stopped about 2019. Now it appears that they handle warranty questions one at a time on their website, using a form. They don’t have a written warranty posted on their website as of today.
  3. Does the imprint wear off? The laser engraved imprint is permanent. Your company logo will last forever. The laser burns through the colored outer layer, and into the aluminum barrel.
  4. What does laser engraving cost? The price of engraving is included in the price of the Maglite. There is a setup charge.
  5. How is the flashlight packaged? Each Maglite engraved with your logo comes in a hard plastic hinged presentation box, with a velvet covered cradle. So your customer or employee will be thrilled to see their favorite flashlight in a unique gift box.