National EMS Week and Promotional Maglites

National EMS Week and Promotional Maglites
National EMS Week

This week is National EMS Week in the US. President Gerald Ford declared this observance in 1974 to call attention to these vital workers.

How can we show our appreciation to those who risk their lives and their health to protect us?

National EMS Week and Promotional Maglites
Promotional Maglite
  1. Share your comments on social media using #NationalEMSWeek.
  2. Thank your friends and relatives who are first responders.
  3. Organize a luncheon at your church for all the local EMS workers.
  4. Give them Promotional Maglites as a show of appreciation.


Promotional Maglights (Maglites) Not Affected by Chinese Lockdown

Promotional Maglights (Maglites) are always made in the USA. Fortunately they

K3A LED Mini Maglite, a promotional Maglight
K3A LED Mini Maglite

will not be affected by the Covid lockdowns occurring in China this month.

This month’s supply chain issues are mainly caused by China’s lockdown due to an increased occurrence of Covid.

Our trade association, Advertising Specialy Institute (ASI) reported that “Suppliers say lockdowns in Shanghai and other areas of China are likely to delay restocking of promo products in North America.”

I know, there has been an inventory issue for a year. Now it is getting worse. China was producing and shipping at a reduced volume last year. Now they are blatantly shut down. The Port of Shanghai is now a huge ship parking lot.  These ships are either waiting to get loaded or unloaded.

Container Ship Waiting to Get Unloaded
Container Ship Waiting to Get Unloaded

How long will this problem last? It depends on the lockdown, and how the Chinese government handles the issue. Fortunately, Maglite is not affected. Many other suppliers like SanMar (according to ASI) have anticipated this problem, and have stocked up on inventory, to above average levels. Other promotional product suppliers that saw this lockdown coming, also are probably prepared to meet customer demand this year. Hopefully China will get back on its feet again soon.

Observe National Skilled Trades Day with Architect Scale Rulers

Tomorrow, the first Wednesday in May, is National Skilled Trades Day in the US. This is the day we set aside to recognize the importance of those who:

  • Build your homes.
  • Fix the furnace and air conditioning in your office and homes.

    Architect Scale Rulers were used to get this skilled tradesman to this point.
    A Skilled Tradesman Taking Notes in the Field
  • Paint ceilings, walls, bridges, and machinery.
  • Wire your house and the businesses.
  • Fix your cars.
  • Create your hairdo.
  • Build the roads.
  • Repair aircraft.

A college education isn’t necessary for any of these jobs, so these careers have generally been hard to fill with qualified people. Tomorrow, you can recognize these important contributors to society by:

  1. Thanking them.
  2. Calling them for assistance instead of doing it yourself.
  3. Give them a gift, like this useful architect scale ruler. It is a vital tool for reading blueprints of road construction and building construction and remodeling.
Architect Scale Ruler for Reading Blueprints
Architect Scale Ruler for Reading Blueprints


Give Maglite Flashlights for International Volunteer Recognition Day

April 20 is International Volunteer Recognition Day in Canada and the UK. The origin of this special day is unclear. But, it is a great opportunity to thank those who give their time to help others. How can you participate? You can help on both sides of the fence. First, by being a volunteer yourself. Second, by honoring those who give of themselves to help others.

Give Maglite Flashlights for International Volunteer Recognition Day
2AA LED Mini Maglite Flashlight and Batteries in Gift Box

How to volunteer:

  • Pick an area that you love. Is it cooking, gardening, driving, painting, performing music, singing, fishing, meeting new people?
  • Find a way to combine your area of love to an area of need. You may find it in government, churches, local volunteer organizations.
  • Governments need people to volunteer on commissions, like the Shade Tree Commission, Parks, Civil Service, Utilities, and zoning.
  • Churches offer many ways to use your talents. Singing in the choir, playing your instrument, cooking, delivering, and taking people grocery shopping.
  • Your local civic clubs, like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions offer many ways to share your abilities.

How to honor the volunteers:

  • If you have been the recipient of the generosity of volunteers, you can simply thank them.
  • Or you can contact the mayor of your city, and ask if he would be willing to write a proclamation to call attention to those volunteers. Then call the newspaper and have them take a picture in his office of the group of people.
  • Give gifts, like Maglite flashlights to the volunteers in your favorite group. You can choose a government group, church group, or civic group. Again, you can call the newspaper, TV stations, and mayor to get involved in the appreciation ceremony. People like to read stories like this in the newspapers, and watch them on TV.

Use Engraved Flashlights To Light Up Your Easter Celebration

This Friday is Good Friday, and Sunday will be Easter Sunday. In addition to all

Engraved Flashlights For Easter
Engraved Flashlights For Easter

your traditional ways of observing this solemn weekend, consider this thought. Use engraved flashlights to brighten up Easter. They can signify the happiness and wonder of this amazing holiday.

Diameter Tape Measures: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measures
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure


  • They make quick work out of finding the outside diameter of a pipeline.
  • The pocket size version easily fits in your pocket, and is ready when you are.
  • The hard metal case protects the tape, and preserves it for a long life.
  • Most of them come in an attractive gift box.
  • Your full color logo looks great on the side of a diameter tape measure.


  • They ain’t cheap (and they ain’t too expensive either)
  • They walk away when someone else thinks they need them more than you do.
  • The production time is 2 to 3 weeks, with your logo.


  • When you need a metric diameter tape, and all you have is an inch one.
  • When the tape goes up to 38 inches in diameter, and your pipeline is bigger than that.

    My New Pipe Diameter Tape
    The Ugly Side of Diameter Tapes





Appropriate for National Doctors Day, a Maglite Engraved with the Hospital Logo

March 30 is National Doctors Day in the U.S. A good way to celebrate, is for all

Maglites Engraved for Doctors
Maglites Engraved for Doctors

hospitals to give the doctors an M3A AAA Mini Maglite engraved with their logo on the barrel. This slender flashlight has a pocket clip, so it is always available. It uses two AAA batteries, so it doesn’t take up much space. The power is in the packaging, and this gift comes in a hinged, firm plastic gift box. It is sure to be a hit.

The Biggest Problems with Tally Books, and Solutions

Tally Book Problems (and solutions)
Tally Book Problems (and Solutions)

Tally Books are a necessity for field workers who need to make frequent notes. Usually these books are well suited for the job, but here are some problems that can occur, with solutions.

  1. The book is too big, or too small. They come in 2 sizes. 8 5/16″ x 3 3/8″ closed, and 6″ x 3 3/8″ closed. Those 2 sizes should accommodate everyone’s needs.
  2. The book doesn’t lay flat. It wants to close when I am writing in it. Try the spiral

    3273.jpg Wire-o Tally Book 3273

    bound version. This one will lay flat when open.

  3. I can’t always find my pen. You can order your books with a pen loop, so your pen is always handy.
  4. My book gets water-logged when it rains. The vinyl cover prevents most of that. You might try keeping it in a zip lock freezer bag. Or try the new “stone pad”, which is water resistant.
  5. I lost my tally book. Sorry, we can’t help on that problem. Your data is irreplaceable, so we feel bad for your loss.
  6. I don’t like the color of the vinyl cover. The vinyl comes in many colors. Next time, you can order a different color.

Pipe Diameter Tape Measure CONTEST for Pi Day 2022


Pipe diameter tape measure on National Pi Day
National Pi Day in the USA (Monday March 14, 2022)

What does a pipe diameter tape measure have to do with Pi Day? It’s a tape that you wrap around a pipe (the circumference), and it reads out the diameter for you. You don’t need to divide by pi (3.14159). It’s a simple but amazing tool for those that work with pipelines in oilfields and gas fields. Even arborists use them to measure the diameter of a tree trunk.

What does a “pie” have to do with this? 2 reasons. First, the two words sound the same. Second, pies are round, which is the appropriate shape when you are comparing circumferences and diameters.

So, enjoy the day by eating your favorite pie.

And now for the CONTEST:

What famous scientist was born on Pi Day?

The first person that leaves a comment here, with the correct name, will receive a FREE Diameter Tape in the mail. (Continental US only). Don’t leave your address, for security reasons. I’ll contact you privately for that information.

Latest News on the Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure Shortage

Lufkin Diameter Tape Measures are In Sight.
Lufkin Diameter Tape Measures are In Sight.

Since December 1, 2021, the Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure has disappeared from all retail shelves. Why? I am guessing it is because of the widespread supply chain issues. Every industry has been affected by this problem in 2021. The procurement of steel has been a problem, according to “Cheddar News” on October 18, 2021. The price of steel has also gone up.

The good news is here:

We expect to receive inventory of the Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure in April 2022. We plan to fill the back orders that have piled up since December soon. There are Chinese diameter tapes available now, but many customers would rather wait for the beloved Lufkin tapes.

Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure