This Promotional Calendar Could Easily Be Man’s Best Friend

Promotional Calendars for #DogDay
Promotional Calendars for #DogDay

During these long months of quarantine, those of you with dogs are the lucky ones- always someone there to keep you company and always an excuse to go outside for a walk. Today is Dog Day, a day to celebrate your little (or big) four-legged buddy.

Did you know…

  • Dogs are descendants from wolves, but their ancestors are extinct
  • They are the first species to be domesticated
  • The first undisputed domesticated dog remains were found 14,200 years ago
  • The smallest adult dog was a Yorkshire Terrier, who weighed only 4 ounces! The heaviest dog was a Saint Bernard who weighed 369.5 lbs.
  • This promotional calendar of puppies will brighten your day for sure:

    Puppy & Kitten Calendar
    Puppy & Kitten Calendar

Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers About the Diameter Tape Measure

The select few people that need to use a diameter tape measure have questions before they order. Here are the top 10:

10 Answers About the Diameter Tape Measure
10 Answers About the Diameter Tape Measure
  1. How soon can we have them? 2 to 3 weeks is the production time.
  2. Can you print our logo in full color? Yes.
  3. What kind of art file do you need?  .eps and .ai files are the best art files. If you don’t have those, just give us a high resolution art file, and we can convert it.
  4. Will the imprint last forever? Yes
  5. Where is it made? The vinyl labels are made in the USA, and the tapes are made in Mexico or China.
  6. Is the case strong? Yes. It is very strong.
  7. Is the zero mark at the very end of the tape? The zero mark on a diameter tape needs to be away from the end, for easy use.
  8. Can you print on both sides of the case? Yes, but only on some brands.
  9. How big of a pipe can you measure? That depends on the brand of tape. Some are 23″. Some go as high as 38″ diameter.
  10. Does it come in a gift box? Yes. Each brand has a different type of box.

The Pipe Diameter Tape Measure That’s the Black Sheep of the Family

The pipe diameter tape measure that is frequently overlooked, has more to offer than all the others.

This forgotten child gives you the outside diameter of a pipeline in both inches

The Black Sheep of Pipe Diameter Tape Measures
The Black Sheep of Pipe Diameter Tape Measures

and centimeters. It is valuable to both Americans (using the inch system) and those who use the Metric system of measurements. It goes up to 38″ diameter (955 millimeters diameter). The only thing it doesn’t offer is the ability to measure straight objects. You would have to have a regular tape for that.

Who would use this tape? Inspectors who travel and deal with both systems. Any drilling companies that use both metric and imperial systems of measurement.

Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape, Metric & Inch Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape, Metric & Inch

The Anatomy of Custom Tally Books

Workers in oilfields and gas fields use

Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Books
Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Books

to keep track of their tasks.

  • What time did we add another length of pipe to the drilling rig?
  • What size was the pipe?
  • What was the pressure setting on the drilling rig?
  • How much fuel do we have left?

These workers need a rugged book to record these measurements. Tally books need these features:

  1. A waterproof vinyl cover that is also abrasion resistant
  2. At least 100 pages
  3. A size that can fit in a shirt pocket or back pants pocket
  4. Waterproof paper, called “stone”, is also a good idea. It is also tear-resistant.
  5. Lines on the pages, to keep data in an orderly fashion
  6. A pen loop attached to the vinyl cover, to keep your writing instrument close at hand
  7. An inside vinyl pocket to keep business cards and special notes
  8. Important phone numbers printed on the vinyl cover
  9. Your company logo printed on the front, in full color
  10. Optional clear vinyl sleeves to contain special papers
  11. Important conversion tables printed on the cover (either outside or inside)

Why We Love Promotional Maglites (And You Should, Too!)

Why We Love Promotional Maglites
Why We Love Promotional Maglites

The flashlights that are popular around the world, Promotional Maglites, occupy a special place in our hearts. Here are our best reasons:

  • When we walk in the neighborhood at night, they protect us from dangers like traffic, uneven sidewalks, and randomly placed dog waste.
  • Maglites advertise our business to our customers.
  • They carry our logo almost forever.
  • Their fine quality reflects the quality of our business services and products.
  • Our customers appreciate us because we care enough to give the best flashlight made.
  • Maglites are made in the USA.