Use Your Maglite Flashlights During “National Great Outdoors Month”

Don't Run Without Your Maglite Flashlights
Don’t Run Without Your Maglite Flashlights

June is “National Great Outdoors Month” in the United States. It was started in 1998 to draw people to the national parks and local parks. Visiting the outdoors is good for the soul. It offers a great release from the pressures of everyday life. Best of all, many aspects of it are free. How can you focus on this activity?

  • Volunteer at a summer camp for kids.
  • Go boating.
  • Walk in the woods.
  • Take pictures of sunsets and post them on your social media outlet.
  • Go biking, running, or walking on a local trail.
  • Run with your baby.
  • Get out of town and take a drive in the country.

No matter where you go, don’t leave home without your Maglite Flashlights. They can save your life if you get lost, or get caught after sunset in an unfamiliar place.

Incorporate Engraved Flashlights Into National Safety Month

June is national safety month in the U.S. It’s the time to be aware of safety issues around the home, work, and public places.

Engraved Flashlights For National Safety Month
Engraved Flashlights For National Safety Month

How to get involved:

  • Identify safety problems and report them to the right people.
  • Make sure your first aid kits are adequately stocked.
  • Check the condition of your fire extinguishers. If the pressure gauge is low, you may be able to have it re-charged. Otherwise, throw it away and replace it with a new one. Your fire department can advise you on this matter.
  • Take a CPR course.
  • Check the condition of your flashlights. When the electricity goes out, you don’t want a torch with dead batteries. Engraved flashlights with your company logo are a great way to advertise your company while helping to keep everyone safe.

The Importance of the Diameter Tape Measure

Ask any Arborist. Ask any oilfield worker. They will tell you how vital a diameter tape measure is to their jobs.

Using Diameter Tape Measures On A Tree
Using Diameter Tape Measure On A Tree

An Arborist needs to quickly determine the diameter of a tree, because he probably has to do this to another thousand trees. He uses this measurement to determine the amount of wood contained in the tree, so it can be sold for the wood content. For convenience and speed, he measures the diameter at the height of his chest. Diameter breast high (DBH) is the term used for this height. A tree diameter tape has a hook at the beginning, so the user can attach it to the bark, walk around the tree, and have the tape meet the zero mark. He reads the number on the tape, which is the diameter in inches.

An oilfield worker doesn’t need a hook on the end of his diameter tape measure.

Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape Measure- Metric & Inch
Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape Measure- Metric & Inch

He just cleans off the pipeline and wraps the tape around it. The answer is shown on the tape where it lines up to the zero mark. It’s important to him because he needs to know how much oil or gas the pipe can carry. Also, if a fitting needs replaced or modified, he needs to order the right size. Diameter tapes are a vital part of the oil and gas business.