Give Tally Books on”National Day of Giving”

Give Tally Books on"National Day of Giving"
Give Tally Books on”National Day of Giving”

Why give Tally Books? They were developed for oil rig workers to keep track of what time they added another pipe to the drilling rig. They were designed for rough outdoor environments. Their rugged vinyl cover protects the 200 inside pages, which are lined in columns for convenience. Some of the newer ones don’t have paper sheets. They have “stone sheets” which look like paper, but they are waterproof and un-tearable. Some have a vinyl loop to accommodate a pen or pencil. Some have clear vinyl pockets to keep tables and important information at your fingertips.

If it sounds like you could use a book like this, you’re right. These pocket-sized books can always be at your fingertips.

Today, November 30, is “National Day of Giving”. Why not give a useful product to your friends?


3308.jpg Flexible Tally Book Wire-Bound 3308

Promotional Maglites Celebrates Fibonacci Day, 2021 With a Special Sale

Promotional Maglites Celebrates Fibonacci Day, 2021
Promotional Maglites Celebrates Fibonacci Day, 2021

Promotional Maglites is incorporating a Fibonacci sequence (21,34) in a special 1-day sale, November 23, 2021 of the Maglite Solitaire LED K3ALED. The significance of the price is a series of 2 adjacent Fibonacci numbers. 21 and 34.

Each Fibonacci number is the sum of the 2 previous numbers, as such:


Leonardo Fibonacci was an Italian mathematician who discovered the sequence in 1202. This sequence has deep roots in nature, as in the petals of flowers. Why is today the special day? Because today is 11-23 (as in 1,1,2,3 the first four numbers in the series.

Promotional Maglites Celebrates Fibonacci Day
Promotional Maglites Celebrates Fibonacci Day

Honor Our Veterans With a Made in America Calendar

American Flag
American Flag

Our veterans gave us their best, and sometimes their lives, so we could enjoy this great country. How can we show our appreciation to our veterans?

  • Pray for them.
  • Take them to lunch or dinner.
  • Give them a gift, like a “Celebrate America” calendar made in America.
  • Tell them “Thanks for your service”. They always appreciate that.
Celebrate America Calendar made in America
Celebrate America Calendar

Use Maglite Flashlights to Celebrate Diwali (Celebrate What?)

Diwali Celebration With Fireworks and Maglite Flashlights
Diwali Celebration With Fireworks (and Maglite Flashlights)

Diwali is a special 5 day holiday observed in India, Australia, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia. It is also called the “Festival of Lights”. It represents the spiritual victory of good over evil; knowledge over ignorance.

If you like the excitement of the 4th of July and the blessedness of Christmas, you can appreciate the feeling of the people who celebrate Diwali every year. It started about 2500 years ago as a religious holiday for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, and is now the biggest national holiday in India.

How is this holiday celebrated? Each of the 5 days is different. The activities involve shopping for gold, cleaning house, and  using sand to create “rangoli” patterns on the floor with colored sand. Also they pray, enjoy fireworks, visit, exchange gifts, and best of all, they feast!

It also sounds like the perfect time to use your Maglite Flashlights to light up the night after the fireworks, and when visiting your relatives and friends.

In 2021, the first day of Diwali is November 2, and the main day is November 4 (the new moon).

Happy Diwali!

Here are the future dates. It appears to change every year, because it is determined by the Indian calendar, which is tied to the cycles of the moon. The main day of the holiday is on the new moon:

24 October 2022
12 November 2023
1 November 2024
21 October 2025
8 November 2026
29 October 2027
17 October 2028
5 November 2029
26 October 2030