5 Common Misconceptions About Promotional Maglites

Promotional Maglites might not be totally understood by the public. Here are

Promotional Maglites® Come In Multiple Colors
Promotional Maglites® Come In Multiple Colors

some possible misconceptions:

  1. They are expensive.
  2. They are imported.
  3. They are made for policemen only.
  4. They only come in black.
  5. They don’t come with batteries.


  1. In comparison to imported flashlights of the same size, the Maglites are higher priced. But, you can expect to pay more for a higher quality product.
  2. Maglites torches have always been designed and manufactured in the USA.
  3. Originally, they were popular among policemen. Then the general public caught on to the supreme dependability of these quality-made flashlights.
  4. Some models actually come in about 11 different colors.
  5. All but the large ones come with alkaline batteries, and a solid plastic gift box.

Promotional Maglights Are Made for All Budgets and Tastes


Maglite® (Promotional Maglights)

Promotional maglights (really spelled Maglites) come in all sizes and colors. If


your logo color is one of these, then there is a matching Maglite for you.

The prices range from $9.17 to $160.00, but all models do not come in all these colors. For small businesses with just a few workers, one of the Maglites can be bought in a quantity as low as 6. That’s the model ML150LR, LED Rechargeable System.

ML150LR_ML150LR-Default_48368 Maglite® LED Rechargeable System ML150LR

Now is the Time to Give a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo to the COVID-19 Frontline Workers

A Maglite engraved with your company logo is greatly appreciated
A Maglite engraved with your company logo is greatly appreciated

If you are looking for a way to reward the tireless frontline workers, the best solution is a Maglite engraved with your company logo. Support our healthcare heroes with a memento that they will appreciate and actually use. Maglites are useful for men, women, and youngsters. They are dependable and durable. Your logo will last forever on these American-made torches.

A Maglite will:

  • Brighten the day for our fearless Corona Virus warriors
  • Help you to contribute to this battle
  • Show your generosity
  • Be a symbol of your commitment to making the world a better place