Use Your Maglite Flashlights During “National Great Outdoors Month”

Don't Run Without Your Maglite Flashlights
Don’t Run Without Your Maglite Flashlights

June is “National Great Outdoors Month” in the United States. It was started in 1998 to draw people to the national parks and local parks. Visiting the outdoors is good for the soul. It offers a great release from the pressures of everyday life. Best of all, many aspects of it are free. How can you focus on this activity?

  • Volunteer at a summer camp for kids.
  • Go boating.
  • Walk in the woods.
  • Take pictures of sunsets and post them on your social media outlet.
  • Go biking, running, or walking on a local trail.
  • Run with your baby.
  • Get out of town and take a drive in the country.

No matter where you go, don’t leave home without your Maglite Flashlights. They can save your life if you get lost, or get caught after sunset in an unfamiliar place.

Give Your Brother a Maglite Engraved for Brothers Day

Let's Dance Together
Brothers Dancing Together

May 24th is Brother’s Day. It gives us another day to celebrate “brotherly love”. How can you and your brother observe this day?

  • Share some time together. Have lunch. Maybe dance.
  • If you haven’t talked for a while, this is the perfect
    Give Your Brother a Maglite Engraved for Brothers Day M2A Maglite with Holster
    M2A Maglite with Holster

    day for that.

  • Return those tools that you borrowed 10 years ago.
  • Give your brother a Maglite engraved with something meaningful to both of you. It’s a quality gift that will last a lifetime. It’s made in the USA, and popular all over the world.





Give Maglite Flashlights for International Volunteer Recognition Day

April 20 is International Volunteer Recognition Day in Canada and the UK. The origin of this special day is unclear. But, it is a great opportunity to thank those who give their time to help others. How can you participate? You can help on both sides of the fence. First, by being a volunteer yourself. Second, by honoring those who give of themselves to help others.

Give Maglite Flashlights for International Volunteer Recognition Day
2AA LED Mini Maglite Flashlight and Batteries in Gift Box

How to volunteer:

  • Pick an area that you love. Is it cooking, gardening, driving, painting, performing music, singing, fishing, meeting new people?
  • Find a way to combine your area of love to an area of need. You may find it in government, churches, local volunteer organizations.
  • Governments need people to volunteer on commissions, like the Shade Tree Commission, Parks, Civil Service, Utilities, and zoning.
  • Churches offer many ways to use your talents. Singing in the choir, playing your instrument, cooking, delivering, and taking people grocery shopping.
  • Your local civic clubs, like Rotary, Kiwanis, and Lions offer many ways to share your abilities.

How to honor the volunteers:

  • If you have been the recipient of the generosity of volunteers, you can simply thank them.
  • Or you can contact the mayor of your city, and ask if he would be willing to write a proclamation to call attention to those volunteers. Then call the newspaper and have them take a picture in his office of the group of people.
  • Give gifts, like Maglite flashlights to the volunteers in your favorite group. You can choose a government group, church group, or civic group. Again, you can call the newspaper, TV stations, and mayor to get involved in the appreciation ceremony. People like to read stories like this in the newspapers, and watch them on TV.

Appropriate for National Doctors Day, a Maglite Engraved with the Hospital Logo

March 30 is National Doctors Day in the U.S. A good way to celebrate, is for all

Maglites Engraved for Doctors
Maglites Engraved for Doctors

hospitals to give the doctors an M3A AAA Mini Maglite engraved with their logo on the barrel. This slender flashlight has a pocket clip, so it is always available. It uses two AAA batteries, so it doesn’t take up much space. The power is in the packaging, and this gift comes in a hinged, firm plastic gift box. It is sure to be a hit.

How to Get Maglites Engraved with Your Corporate Logo

The popularity of Maglites is immense worldwide. The reputation of Maglites has

Giving a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo
Giving a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo

developed because of their consistent high quality, and continual introduction of new ideas. So if you own a business and want to give away a Maglite engraved with your logo, here are some basic steps.

  • Decide which one you want. That depends on size and price.
  • Pick an online distributor that can answer all your questions.
  • Pick a color
  • Choose a gift set, which includes a pocket knife or Leatherman tool, or choose just a Maglite in a plastic case.
  • Submit your corporate logo in vector format. (eps, ai files, and sometimes pdf files are in vector format.) You won’t be able to open those first two files, but the engraver can. The laser engraving machine needs vector art.
  • Ask for an email proof, which is usually free, before your order is put into production.
  • Enjoy passing out your Maglites (Maglights) to your favorite customers, and to all your employees.

    M2A Mini Maglite Engraved
    M2A Mini Maglite Engraved





Keep Your Maglite Flashlights Turned Off on Groundhog Day

Wednesday, February 2 is National Groundhog Day. You know, if he sees his

Any Maglite Flashlights Here?
Any Maglite Flashlights Here?

shadow, we will have 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow, spring is just around the corner. Since Maglite flashlights would cast a shadow on the little furry creature, please keep your Maglites off on that day.

Light Up the Winter Solstice With Your Maglite Engraved With Your Logo

Maglite Engraved With Your Logo
Maglite Engraved With Your Logo

Celebrate the shortest daylight hours of the year. Light up the night with your Maglite engraved with your company logo. Amazingly, today is also National Flashlight Day! Be a kid, and enjoy your flashlights for a super long evening.


Use Maglite Flashlights to Celebrate Diwali (Celebrate What?)

Diwali Celebration With Fireworks and Maglite Flashlights
Diwali Celebration With Fireworks (and Maglite Flashlights)

Diwali is a special 5 day holiday observed in India, Australia, UK, Singapore, Thailand, Japan, and Indonesia. It is also called the “Festival of Lights”. It represents the spiritual victory of good over evil; knowledge over ignorance.

If you like the excitement of the 4th of July and the blessedness of Christmas, you can appreciate the feeling of the people who celebrate Diwali every year. It started about 2500 years ago as a religious holiday for Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains, and is now the biggest national holiday in India.

How is this holiday celebrated? Each of the 5 days is different. The activities involve shopping for gold, cleaning house, and  using sand to create “rangoli” patterns on the floor with colored sand. Also they pray, enjoy fireworks, visit, exchange gifts, and best of all, they feast!

It also sounds like the perfect time to use your Maglite Flashlights to light up the night after the fireworks, and when visiting your relatives and friends.

In 2021, the first day of Diwali is November 2, and the main day is November 4 (the new moon).

Happy Diwali!

Here are the future dates. It appears to change every year, because it is determined by the Indian calendar, which is tied to the cycles of the moon. The main day of the holiday is on the new moon:

24 October 2022
12 November 2023
1 November 2024
21 October 2025
8 November 2026
29 October 2027
17 October 2028
5 November 2029
26 October 2030

Recognize National Breast Cancer Awareness Month With a Maglite Engraved With Your Company Logo

k3a Pink Maglite Engraved With a Logo
k3a Pink Maglite Engraved With a Logo

It’s that time of year again. The month of October is “National Breast Cancer Awareness Month”. Let’s eradicate this type of cancer by reminding every woman to do a self exam once a month, and to regularly get a mammogram according to her doctor. About 12% of the women in the United States will develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

If you own a business, you can call attention to this issue by giving a Maglite engraved with your company logo to all your employees.


Please refer to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc.


Turn on Your Maglite Flashlights for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Maglites are symbols of Americanism, strength, and dependability.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
ML25LT Model in Red, 2-C Cell Size Maglite Flashlight
ML25LT Model in Red, 2-C Cell Size Maglite Flashlight

What better way to remember truck drivers, than to give them Maglite flashlights. This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in the USA.