What Is A Diameter Tape Measure?

Diameter Tape Measure
Diameter Tape Measure

Good question, because most people don’t have any use for one. A diameter tape measure is a measuring tape whose scale is stretched out by a factor of pi. This allows you to wrap it around a round object, such as a pipeline or tree trunk, and read its diameter directly on the scale. You don’t need to divide by 3.14159.

Here are some other names that people call these tapes:

  • pi tapes
  • circumference tapes (a misnomer)
  • pipe tapes
  • Lufkin pi tapes
  • OD tapes
  • outside diameter tapes
  • pi-Cobra tapes
  • pie tapes

What If You Lose Your Tally Books?

When oilfield workers record data while they are drilling, they need to enter it in

 Today's Oilfield Workers and Their Tally Books
Today’s Oilfield Workers and Their Tally Books

a safe place. They write it in a pipe tally book. What if they lose their tally books?

  • The workers would lose the number of feet of pipe they have put in the ground.
  • They would lose the number of pipe sections they used.
  • They would not be able to recall the times that they hooked up each section of pipe.
  • They would not be able to report on the amount of fluids that were used in the operation.

What a disaster! Prevent this catastrophe by purchasing oilfield pipe tally books that are:

  1. Bright in color, so you can’t misplace them.
  2. Water resistant, with a vinyl cover.
  3. Made of that new waterproof “paper” called “stone paper”. Not only is it waterproof, it is tear-resistant.
  4. Small enough to fit in the oilfield or gas field worker’s pocket.
  5. Made with an integral pen loop, so there’s always a pen with the book.
  6. Identified with your company logo and phone number on the front cover.

The Anatomy of a Great Architect Scale Ruler

Architect Scale Rulers
Architect Scale Rulers Help Convert Measurements

Not all rulers are created equal. Some are rigid, some are retractable tapes, some are in metric, some are in imperial. There is also a special kind of ruler used for converting the measurements on a scaled-down drawing or map: the architect scale ruler.

Here is the basic makeup of architect scale rulers:

  • They come in a variety of scales
  • Retractable tapes offer 2 different scales- one on each side of the tape
  • Bevel & triangular architect scale rulers offer 4-6 different scales
  • There are a variety of sizes- some can even fit in your pocket!

No matter what drawing you are measuring, there is a special architect scale ruler to help you out.

Hollow Triangular Architect 12" Scale
Hollow Triangular Architect 12″ Scale
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure