The Anatomy of a Great Architect Scale Ruler

Architect Scale Rulers
Architect Scale Rulers Help Convert Measurements

Not all rulers are created equal. Some are rigid, some are retractable tapes, some are in metric, some are in imperial. There is also a special kind of ruler used for converting the measurements on a scaled-down drawing or map: the architect scale ruler.

Here is the basic makeup of architect scale rulers:

  • They come in a variety of scales
  • Retractable tapes offer 2 different scales- one on each side of the tape
  • Bevel & triangular architect scale rulers offer 4-6 different scales
  • There are a variety of sizes- some can even fit in your pocket!

No matter what drawing you are measuring, there is a special architect scale ruler to help you out.

Hollow Triangular Architect 12" Scale
Hollow Triangular Architect 12″ Scale
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure