Tally Books for National Red Ribbon Week

Tally Books for Red Ribbon Week
Tally Books for Red Ribbon Week

This week, schools across the country are coming together to celebrate National Red Ribbon Week. This week we bring awareness to the negative impacts that drugs have on our lives and those around us. Let’s make a better future for our children and teach them to make right choices now and as they grow older.

Are schools around you celebrating this week? Here are some fun ideas to write down in your tally books:

-Crazy Sock Day

-All-Red Day

-Americana Day

Can A Pipe Diameter Tape Measure Get You Promoted?

Pipe Diameter Tape Measures for National Boss's Day
Pipe Diameter Tape Measures for National Boss’s Day

Are you itching for a promotion or a raise? Usually hard work pays off, but when it doesn’t, you can always resort to a little harmless bribery, right?
Okay, maybe that is not the best route to take in the business world, but a kind gesture does go a long way. Today is National Boss’s Day, so go ahead and give your boss a little gift to show your appreciation. 
Need ideas? Here are a few!
– a pipe diameter tape measure with “World’s Best Boss” printed on it
– gift card to his/her favorite coffee shop
– a thoughtful basket filled with snacks & treats

Meters Vs. Feet: The Diameter Tape Measure Debate

Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay
Diameter Tape Measures

It’s a worldwide debate: Imperial vs. Metric
Which side are you on? Here in the United States, we follow the imperial measuring system, which consists of inches and feet. However, most of the world follows the metric system (centimeters, meters).
For the benefit of everyone, diameter tape measures come in both metric and imperial styles, so no matter which side of the debate you are on, you can find a style on which to put your company logo.

W606PM Lufkin Diameter Tape, Metric
W606PM Lufkin Diameter Tape, Metric
W906PD Lufkin Diameter Tape, Inches
W906PD Lufkin Diameter Tape, Inches

The Irony of Pipe Tally Books

Those in the oil well drilling business use tally books continually every day. They

Oilfield Tally Books 3400CR4
Oilfield Tally Books 3400CR4

keep a close record of when they attach a new section of pipe, and how long it is, and what time it is. The books are just the right size to fit into a pocket, so the books are kept right where they are needed. So tally books are a necessity in the oil drilling business.

To protect the book from weather and abrasion, the cover is made of vinyl. That’s where the irony hits. Vinyl is a man-made fabric made from OIL!

How do they make vinyl?

It was developed only in 1920 as an inexpensive durable fabric that is easy to make. It is made out of oil and salt, and its real name in poly vinyl chloride.

Here are the details for you scientists:

They break down petroleum using high pressure and temperature. This is called cracking. The results are ethylene, butadiene, propylene, and a few other things. They combine salt (a source of chlorine) with the ethylene using “electrolytic disassociation”. They add a few other compounds and end up with poly vinyl chloride (vinyl).

As you know, vinyl is ubiquitous, and very inexpensive. However, it looks expensive, similar to leather.