Tally Books Explained in a Few Words

Oilfield workers need a handy way of keeping track of how many lengths of pipe

Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Books
Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Books

they have put in the ground. The easiest way to do this is to record each pipe in a small pocket-sized notebook. The exact time of day should also be recorded. The book needs to be rugged and water resistant and the pages need to be lined. This problem has led to the invention of vinyl-covered Pipe Tally Books.


Welcome the First Day of Spring with The Best Tally Books

Tally Books for Spring
Tally Books for Spring

At long last, winter is over, and today is the first day of spring!

Foresters, linemen, cable guys, contractors, pipeline installers, well drillers, surveyors, and engineers everywhere will finally be able to enjoy the nice weather while using their tally books. But, just in case the weather turns rainy, don’t worry- they all have vinyl covers to protect the pages.

Flexible Tally Book 3308
Flexible Tally Book 3308
Tru Tree Tally Book
Tru Tree Tally Book

One Nation…With Liberty and Tally Books For All

Tally Books for #PledgeofAllegianceDay
Tally Books for #PledgeofAllegianceDay

Most of us memorized the Pledge of Allegiance back in kindergarten, but do any of us really know the true origins of it? Today is Pledge of Allegiance Day- did you know…

  • The first American pledge of allegiance (different from the one we recite today) was written by Captain George Thatcher Balch during the Civil War. It goes:

“We give our heads and hearts to God and our country; one country, one language, one flag!”

  • The pledge we all know today was based on one written by Francis Bellamy in 1892. It goes:

“I pledge allegiance to my Flag and the Republic for which it stands, one nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all”

  • Congress formally adopted Bellamy’s pledge in 1942, and added the words “Under God” in 1954.

These American flag tally books are a daily reminder of our love for our country:

American Flag Tally Book
American Flag Tally Book

Why Tally Books Are Actually Your Secret To A Perfect Thanksgiving

Tally Books for Writing Your Lists
Tally Books for Writing Your Lists

Tally books often get labeled as the #1 must-have item for on-the-job recordkeeping. But they actually have a secret skill- to make your Thanksgiving easy peasy.

You can write up your Thanksgiving shopping list in tally books so that you can cook the most epic Thanksgiving meal ever next week.

While you’re at it, start writing up your Christmas list too!

Happy Holidays!

Flexible Tally Book 3308
Flexible Tally Book 3308
American Flag Tally Book
American Flag Tally Book

The Top 5 Features of The Best-Ever Tally Books

Knowing what tally books are is pretty much on a NTK (need-to-know) basis. If you’re in the oil or gas industries, forestry, contracting, etc. then you definitely know what these trusty little books are for, and how important they are to keeping on-the-job records.

Here are the top 5 features of these small but mighty record-keepers:

  1. Durable vinyl covers
  2. Bindings can be spiral or sewn
  3. Covers come in a variety of colors and stock images
  4. You can imprint your logo on the outside cover and/or inside cover
  5. All have 200 pages for your important data
Oilfield Tally Books 3400CR4
Oilfield Tally Books 3400CR4
Tally Books 3400
Tally Books 3400
Wire Bound Tally Book 3308
Wire Bound Tally Book 3308


How to Supercharge Your Tally Books

Workers and inspectors in the oilfields and gas fields all use tally books to keep track of data. What kind of data?

  • Diameter size of pipe

    Tally Books in the Field
    Tally Books in the Field
  • Length of pipe
  • Time of installation of a pipe
  • Voltage levels of wind turbines
  • Speed of the wind turbines
  • Amount of fuel and lubricants at different times throughout the day
  • Unusual drilling actions to report
  • Pressure of different gauges

To supercharge your tally books, here are some cool ideas:

  1. Put your full color company logo on the outside front vinyl cover.
  2. List important phone numbers on the back cover.
  3. Print a conversion table inside.
  4. Install a pen loop on the side.
  5. Instead of getting a 200 sheet paper pad, get a 100 sheet “stone pad”, which is waterproof and tear proof.
  6. Add a clear vinyl insert so a worker can place business cards and important notes.

The Anatomy of Custom Tally Books

Workers in oilfields and gas fields use

Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Books
Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Books

to keep track of their tasks.

  • What time did we add another length of pipe to the drilling rig?
  • What size was the pipe?
  • What was the pressure setting on the drilling rig?
  • How much fuel do we have left?

These workers need a rugged book to record these measurements. Tally books need these features:

  1. A waterproof vinyl cover that is also abrasion resistant
  2. At least 100 pages
  3. A size that can fit in a shirt pocket or back pants pocket
  4. Waterproof paper, called “stone”, is also a good idea. It is also tear-resistant.
  5. Lines on the pages, to keep data in an orderly fashion
  6. A pen loop attached to the vinyl cover, to keep your writing instrument close at hand
  7. An inside vinyl pocket to keep business cards and special notes
  8. Important phone numbers printed on the vinyl cover
  9. Your company logo printed on the front, in full color
  10. Optional clear vinyl sleeves to contain special papers
  11. Important conversion tables printed on the cover (either outside or inside)

How to Make Your Tally Books More Useful

Oilfield and gas field workers use Tally Books every hour of the day. They keep

How to Build a Better Pipe Tally Book
How to Build a Better Pipe Tally Book

track of when tasks are done, the size and length of the pipes they install, and gauge readings. How can you make their pipe tally books more useful to them?

  1. Add a vinyl pen loop, so the workers won’t loose their pen or pencil.
  2. Design the book with spiral binding instead of stitched binding, so the book will lay flat.
  3. Make the color of the vinyl cover bright, so it can be found easily in a pile of other items.
  4. Print valuable information on the back cover, or on the inside of the cover. This can be phone numbers, conversion tables, decimal equivalents, etc.
  5. Order a 3 page clear vinyl insert, so you can store business cards, printed material, and other important info.
  6. Order a water-resistant stone pad for more durability. These amazing pads look like paper pads, but you can’t tear them, and they resist water damage.

3410-Jr Tallybook.jpg Tally Book Junior 3410 (Top Seller)