5 Secrets of Maglite Flashlights


Maglites are the best USA-Made flashlight. They are built tough, and will last a lifetime. But, here are 5 secrets you probably didn’t know about Maglite Flashlights.

  1. LED (the bulb on an LED Maglite, or any LED flashlight) doesn’t last forever. It doesn’t burn out. It just gets dimmer and dimmer with age. Don’t worry. Depending on your usage, it should remain very bright till a time between 50 years and 2,000 years from now.
  2. Maglites® are designed to be highly water resistant. However, they are not advertised to be waterproof.
  3. Maglites® are not tested to be explosion-proof or intrinsically safe. Some workers who use a flashlight in highly volatile environments need that type of flashlight.
  4. There are flashlights made for that purpose.
  5. Old and weak alkaline batteries can damage your Maglite® just as they can damage any other flashlight. Maglites® are built tough, but guarding against a leaky battery is above and beyond the call of duty. Many battery manufacturers have a repair/replacement policy if your flashlight is damaged by one of their leaky batteries.
  6. The ANSI standard of rating the power of flashlights was started only in 2009. Mag Instrument has agreed to abide by the ANSI standard, and rates its flashlights so you can compare one with another. ANSI stands for American National Standards Institute. The parameters used are:

  • Beam Distance in Meters
  • Peak Beam Intensity in Candela
  • Run Time in Hours/Minutes
  • Light Output in Lumens

You can find more detailed information on the Maglite® website.

The Number One Thermos Water Bottle For Active People

Drinking From The Hose
Drinking From The Hose

Active business people spend time at the office, and time driving to appointments. Wherever you are, you want your fresh water to keep yourself healthy and properly hydrated. Thermos® has the ideal water pal for you. It is leakproof, so you don’t ruin your laptop. This Thermos water bottle keeps your water pleasingly cold for up to 12 hours, because of its vacuum technology. Since there is no glass involved, it is unbreakable. Your table and valuable paperwork won’t suffer from bottle sweat, because there is none. For added safety, the top remains closed until you press the button to drink. The large capacity is 18 ounces, and it is designed to fit in most car cup holders.

h_80076 Thermos® Hydration Bottle 80075


Here’s the Secret About a Pipe Measuring Tape

Pipe Measuring Secret
Pipe Measuring Secret

If you have to find the length of a pipe, that’s easy. But what about the outside diameter of a pipe?  What if you can’t just measure the diameter at the end? What if the pipe doesn’t have its ends exposed. It is part of a piping system, or a pipeline. How can you fine the OD, or outside diameter?

The secret is finding the right pipe measuring tape. What is it called?

  • Diameter Tape
  • Pipe Tape
  • Pipe Diameter Tape
  • Pi Tape
  • OD Tape
  • Outside Diameter Tape
  • Circumference Tape (a misnomer, but they are sometimes called this)

To use one, all you do is wrap it around the pipe, and read off the diameter. You don’t need to divide by pi (3.14159).

Lufkin Y906PD pipe diameter tape measure, not Barlow W906PD Lufkin Diameter Tape

Meet the Most Powerful LED Flashlight By Maglite®

Most Powerful LED Flashlight
Most Powerful LED Flashlight

Most powerful LED flashlight made by Maglite® is a staggering 643 lumens bright.

You may find a flashlight with more lumens, but not this powerful. What gives the RL1019 so much power? The fact that it is rechargeable anywhere. You can charge it in any room of your house or garage. You can even charge it in your car or boat or RV. With the wall bracket, it remains ready whenever you are.

Another powerful feature is the availability of 4 function sets. Choose a function set that you like, and your torch will give you 3 different outputs. The General function set has Full Power, Low Power, and Eco. The Outdoor function set has Full Power, Low Power, and Strobe. The Law Enforcement function set has Momentary, Full Power, and Eco. The Tactical function set has Momentary, Full Power, and Strobe. When you buy one, it comes with the default General function set, but you can change it to one of the others if you want to.

RL1019.jpg Powerful Mag-Charger® LED RL1019 Flashlight