The Temporary Timeliness of Everyday Engraved Flashlights

When do you really need engraved flashlights? When you get off work at 5pm,

Engraved Flashlights Are There When You Need Them.
Engraved Flashlights Are There When You Need Them.

and it’s already dark outside.

We are faced with the time changing back to standard time this month, and the approach of the shortest day of the year next month. If you work day shift, you might be driving to work in the dark, and returning home from work in the dark. This is the ideal time of year to make use of your engraved flashlights. Make sure you have extra batteries near your torches. Good news..After we get over this hump, we are headed back to “normal”.

Enjoy your Maglites!

How to Get Maglites Engraved with Your Corporate Logo

The popularity of Maglites is immense worldwide. The reputation of Maglites has

Giving a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo
Giving a Maglite Engraved With Your Logo

developed because of their consistent high quality, and continual introduction of new ideas. So if you own a business and want to give away a Maglite engraved with your logo, here are some basic steps.

  • Decide which one you want. That depends on size and price.
  • Pick an online distributor that can answer all your questions.
  • Pick a color
  • Choose a gift set, which includes a pocket knife or Leatherman tool, or choose just a Maglite in a plastic case.
  • Submit your corporate logo in vector format. (eps, ai files, and sometimes pdf files are in vector format.) You won’t be able to open those first two files, but the engraver can. The laser engraving machine needs vector art.
  • Ask for an email proof, which is usually free, before your order is put into production.
  • Enjoy passing out your Maglites (Maglights) to your favorite customers, and to all your employees.

    M2A Mini Maglite Engraved
    M2A Mini Maglite Engraved





Give Promotional Maglights to Your Sweetheart on Valentines Day

Happy Valentine's Day with Promotional Maglights
Happy Valentine’s Day

Your Sweetie deserves the best on Valentine’s Day. She doesn’t want a box of chocolates or flowers. She really would like to have promotional Maglights for that special day. The best flashlights are USA-Made Maglites.

Carry a Torch During “National Singles Week” with Promotional Maglites

Promotional Maglites® Flashlights
Promotional Maglites® Flashlights Will Help You “Carry a Torch” For the One That Got Away.

The 3rd week in September is National Singles Week. Do you still “carry a torch” for someone that “got away”? If you do, make sure it is a Maglite torch. Promotional Maglites are the best flashlights that were ever made. They are sturdy because of the solid aluminum barrel. They are dependable because of the rubber O rings that keep out moisture. They are popular the world over, because they will never fail you.

Turn on Your Maglite Flashlights for National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

Maglites are symbols of Americanism, strength, and dependability.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
National Truck Driver Appreciation Week
ML25LT Model in Red, 2-C Cell Size Maglite Flashlight
ML25LT Model in Red, 2-C Cell Size Maglite Flashlight

What better way to remember truck drivers, than to give them Maglite flashlights. This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week in the USA.


Promotional Maglights Are Made for All Budgets and Designs


Maglite® (Promotional Maglights)

Promotional maglights (really spelled Maglites) come in all sizes and colors. If


your logo color is one of these, then there is a matching Maglite for you.

The prices range from $9.17 to $160.00, but all models do not come in all these colors. For small businesses with just a few workers, one of the Maglites can be bought in a quantity as low as 6. That’s the model ML150LR, LED Rechargeable System.

ML150LR_ML150LR-Default_48368 Maglite® LED Rechargeable System ML150LR

The Anatomy of Great Engraved Flashlights

If you or your boss are looking for the best engraved flashlights for your company promotion, Here are the top 7 features to look for.

Maglite Solitaire LED Engraved Flashlights
Maglite Solitaire LED Engraved Flashlight
  1. A solid aluminum barrel so it will survive a drop onto concrete, or other physical abuse
  2. An LED (light emitting diode) bulb or the new COB (chip on board) bulb
  3. Waterproof construction with rubber O rings at the screw-on openings
  4. Easy access to change the batteries
  5. Made in USA
  6. Warranted for life, or at least several years. Maglites used to have a lifetime warranty. In 2019, the manufacturer stopped giving this warranty. Still, it will last a very long time.
  7. High quality deep laser engraving that will last forever. This is much better than screen printing, because it won’t wear off or scratch off.