How to Use Tally Books During National Running Day

A Runner in a 5k Race, for a Tally Book
A Runner in a 5k Race

The first Wednesday in June is National Running Day in the U.S. Running, jogging, and walking have become very popular in the last 20 years. People are more health conscious, and realize that these sports are good for your heart and general health. Almost anyone can do them. Every weekend in the summer has a race somewhere close by. The prizes you get for finishing are usually a shirt, jacket, tote bag, or a medal. Runners would rather run in a group than by themselves, and don’t mind paying $25 to $50 to run in a group and get some swag each time. You don’t have to be in the top 3 to get a trophy and cash. You just have to be in the top 3 in your age bracket and sex bracket. With each age bracket consisting of 5 to 10 years, there are many winners.

How can you celebrate this day?

  1. Sign up for a race.

    Tally Book Junior Steno Style for Runners
    Tally Book Junior Steno Style for Runners
  2. Sponsor someone to race, if that is an option.
  3. Support a racer.
  4. Take a “finishing” picture of your favorite runner and post it on social media for them. Send it to their friends and relatives.
  5. Hand out tally books with your company logo to all the runners. They can use it to keep track of all their races, their speed, length, and awards.



Observe National Skilled Trades Day with Architect Scale Rulers

Tomorrow, the first Wednesday in May, is National Skilled Trades Day in the US. This is the day we set aside to recognize the importance of those who:

  • Build your homes.
  • Fix the furnace and air conditioning in your office and homes.

    Architect Scale Rulers were used to get this skilled tradesman to this point.
    A Skilled Tradesman Taking Notes in the Field
  • Paint ceilings, walls, bridges, and machinery.
  • Wire your house and the businesses.
  • Fix your cars.
  • Create your hairdo.
  • Build the roads.
  • Repair aircraft.

A college education isn’t necessary for any of these jobs, so these careers have generally been hard to fill with qualified people. Tomorrow, you can recognize these important contributors to society by:

  1. Thanking them.
  2. Calling them for assistance instead of doing it yourself.
  3. Give them a gift, like this useful architect scale ruler. It is a vital tool for reading blueprints of road construction and building construction and remodeling.
Architect Scale Ruler for Reading Blueprints
Architect Scale Ruler for Reading Blueprints


The Biggest Problems with Tally Books, and Solutions

Tally Book Problems (and solutions)
Tally Book Problems (and Solutions)

Tally Books are a necessity for field workers who need to make frequent notes. Usually these books are well suited for the job, but here are some problems that can occur, with solutions.

  1. The book is too big, or too small. They come in 2 sizes. 8 5/16″ x 3 3/8″ closed, and 6″ x 3 3/8″ closed. Those 2 sizes should accommodate everyone’s needs.
  2. The book doesn’t lay flat. It wants to close when I am writing in it. Try the spiral

    3273.jpg Wire-o Tally Book 3273

    bound version. This one will lay flat when open.

  3. I can’t always find my pen. You can order your books with a pen loop, so your pen is always handy.
  4. My book gets water-logged when it rains. The vinyl cover prevents most of that. You might try keeping it in a zip lock freezer bag. Or try the new “stone pad”, which is water resistant.
  5. I lost my tally book. Sorry, we can’t help on that problem. Your data is irreplaceable, so we feel bad for your loss.
  6. I don’t like the color of the vinyl cover. The vinyl comes in many colors. Next time, you can order a different color.

How to Choose the Best Tally Books for Your Business

You might need Tally Books for your workers in these businesses:

How to Build a Better Pipe Tally Book
How to Build a Better Pipe Tally Book

  • Oil well drilling
  • Inspection
  • Construction
  • Electricians
  • Builders
  • HVAC business

When you order those books, they are custom made for you. So, there are a lot of options available. This can be a little overwhelming, so here is a list of those options. Hopefully, this will bring your ordering job down to size.

  • Size of the book
  • Type of binding (stitched or spiral bound)
  • Color of the vinyl cover
  • Color of the imprint
  • Amount of imprinting..Front cover, back cover, inside the covers
  • Optional Pen loop
  • Optional insert with 3 clear pockets
  • Type of paper (real paper or stone paper, which is waterproof)

There. Those are all the decisions you need to make when you order your tally books. A good online tally book company will be able to assist you on the phone. You should always get an email proof before your order goes into production.

Did the Egyptians Use an Architect Scale Ruler to Build the Great Pyramid?

The Great Pyramid and Sphinx
The Great Pyramid and Sphinx

Some perplexing questions about pyramids:

  1. Did the Egyptians build pyramids?
  2. If so, why did the Egyptians build pyramids?
  3. Why did they stop building pyramids?
  4. How did they build them?
  5. Did they use an architect scale ruler to read their blueprints?

    Architect Scale Ruler
    Architect Scale Ruler

We consider the architect scale ruler to be a modern tool for engineers and planners. But since the Egyptians were so far advanced, why not assume that they used this modern tool, also?


Give Tally Books on”National Day of Giving”

Give Tally Books on"National Day of Giving"
Give Tally Books on”National Day of Giving”

Why give Tally Books? They were developed for oil rig workers to keep track of what time they added another pipe to the drilling rig. They were designed for rough outdoor environments. Their rugged vinyl cover protects the 200 inside pages, which are lined in columns for convenience. Some of the newer ones don’t have paper sheets. They have “stone sheets” which look like paper, but they are waterproof and un-tearable. Some have a vinyl loop to accommodate a pen or pencil. Some have clear vinyl pockets to keep tables and important information at your fingertips.

If it sounds like you could use a book like this, you’re right. These pocket-sized books can always be at your fingertips.

Today, November 30, is “National Day of Giving”. Why not give a useful product to your friends?


3308.jpg Flexible Tally Book Wire-Bound 3308

The Biggest Problem With An Architect Scale Ruler

How Do You Use an Architect Scale Ruler?
How Do You Use an Architect Scale Ruler?

The biggest problem, is many people don’t know how handy they are. Even though they could learn how to use them, many people just don’t know how easy they are to use. An architect scale ruler is a short 6″ or 12″ ruler that is used to read a blueprint or a layout of a new kitchen remodeling plan.

How do you use one?

  1. Look at the bottom of the drawing. If it says 1″ = 4 feet”, then use the scale that is marked “1/4″. If the drawing says 1″ = 8 feet”, then use the 1/8 scale.
  2. When you want to see how many feet wide a hallway is, your architect scale ruler will read 4, if the width is 4 feet.

So that’s it in 2 easy steps. Now you can use a tool that was designed for architects!

How to Use An Architect Scale Ruler
How to Use An Architect Scale Ruler

How To Use Tally Books on National Golf Lovers Day

Golfers Can Use Tally Books
Golfers Can Use Tally Books

Tally Books aren’t just for oilfield workers. They are weatherproof vinyl covered pocket books with lined pages that can be used for many tasks. If you want to keep track of all your games, you can dedicate one page per game. Then you have a daily history of your improvements.

Today, October 4, is National Golf Lovers Day. Celebrate by walking the links with your tally book and enjoy the last lingering breezes of summer.

Golf may have started back in the 15th century in Scotland. Today’s golf clubs are better made, and make it easier to get that hole-in-one. The first tournament, “The Open Championship”, was played on October 17, 1860. It took place at Prestwick Golf Club , Ayrshire, Scotland.

Hideki Matsuyama is shown here with a powerful tee shot.

Tally Book Junior Steno Style
Tally Book Junior Steno Style

How to Use an Architect Scale Ruler

Don’t be afraid of the unusual scales on an architect scale ruler. It might have 4

Architects Scale ruler
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure

scales, but you will only need to use one of them for a particular drawing. Let’s make one example. Take a look at the w906a Architects Scale Lufkin Tape. It has 2 scales. One is 1/8 and the other is 1/4. Let’s say that the drawing in front of you is drawn to the 1/4 scale. It says this in the information box at the bottom. The 1/4 means that 1/4 inch on the drawing represents 1 foot in real life. In this case we will ignore the 1/8 scale and use only the 1/4 scale. Set your zero mark at the corner of some part of the drawing. The other corner is even with the 9 mark. That means it is 9 feet long. It’s really that simple.

In Search of the Meaning of Oilfield Pipe Tally Books

In Search of the Meaning of Tally Books
In Search of the Meaning of Tally Books

Oilfield pipe tally books have been used by oilfield workers for many years. Since most people don’t work in an oilfield, you may be wondering what the heck a tally book is. Here’s a brief answer:

The guys who drill an oil well have to keep track of how deep they are. Every time they add a new pipe, they have to record the time and the size of the pipe. They need a rugged, pocket-sized waterproof book in which to make these notations. Most of these books are vinyl covered. Some even have waterproof paper called “stone paper”. It is waterproof and tear resistant. Some have a vinyl pen loop, so you don’t have to go looking for a pen every time. The pages have horizontal lines and a few vertical lines.

These books are so handy, that anyone can find a use for them. Contractors, builders, electricians, plumbers, estimators, inspectors, law enforcement officers and natural resources field people can use tally books.

3420camotally.jpg Oilfield Camo® Pipe Tally Books 3420