The Biggest Problem With An Architect Scale Ruler

How Do You Use an Architect Scale Ruler?
How Do You Use an Architect Scale Ruler?

The biggest problem, is many people don’t know how handy they are. Even though they could learn how to use them, many people just don’t know how easy they are to use. An architect scale ruler is a short 6″ or 12″ ruler that is used to read a blueprint or a layout of a new kitchen remodeling plan.

How do you use one?

  1. Look at the bottom of the drawing. If it says 1″ = 4 feet”, then use the scale that is marked “1/4″. If the drawing says 1″ = 8 feet”, then use the 1/8 scale.
  2. When you want to see how many feet wide a hallway is, your architect scale ruler will read 4, if the width is 4 feet.

So that’s it in 2 easy steps. Now you can use a tool that was designed for architects!

How to Use An Architect Scale Ruler
How to Use An Architect Scale Ruler

How to Use an Architect Scale Ruler

Don’t be afraid of the unusual scales on an architect scale ruler. It might have 4

Architects Scale ruler
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure

scales, but you will only need to use one of them for a particular drawing. Let’s make one example. Take a look at the w906a Architects Scale Lufkin Tape. It has 2 scales. One is 1/8 and the other is 1/4. Let’s say that the drawing in front of you is drawn to the 1/4 scale. It says this in the information box at the bottom. The 1/4 means that 1/4 inch on the drawing represents 1 foot in real life. In this case we will ignore the 1/8 scale and use only the 1/4 scale. Set your zero mark at the corner of some part of the drawing. The other corner is even with the 9 mark. That means it is 9 feet long. It’s really that simple.

Which is the Best Architect Scale Ruler?

Architect Scale Rulers
Architect Scale Rulers

Suppose you own a business. Suppose your customers are architects, designers, contractors, builders, engineers, or real estate developers. Suppose you want to advertise your company to them, in a way that your name and phone number are visible to them every hour of the day. An architect scale ruler would be a very effective advertising tool for you! But which one?

  • Architect 6″ long with four bevel scales
  • Engineer 12″ long with four bevel scales
  • Architect 6″ long pocket scale
  • Hollow triangular architect 12″ scale

These scales are all good choices. Of course the 6″ one are very portable. They are for inspectors and estimators that are on the go. The 12″ ones would usually stay at the work station. Architects and engineers would need different scales, so that is something for you to consider. Ask a couple of your customers which ruler they would prefer. That would take the pressure off of you to make a difficult decision.


3331-3130 Architect 6″ Four Bevel Scales 3130

3331-3130 Engineer 12″ Four Bevel Scales 3331

3010 Architect 6″ Pocket Scale 3010


3030 Hollow Triangular Architect 12″ Scale 3030


No Holiday Gift List Will Be Complete Without This Architect Scale Ruler

Architect Scale Ruler for the Holidays
Architect Scale Ruler for the Holidays

The holiday season is officially upon us, and people are eagerly putting together their holiday gift lists. It’s best to plan ahead and take care of the employees and customers on your list who need an architect scale ruler. These are the best ones to spoil them with:

Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure
Hollow Triangular Architect 12" Scale
Hollow Triangular Architect 12″ Scale

What is an Architect Scale Ruler and Why Does It Matter?

The burning questions is “Why does it matter”. If you ask an architect, he or she will tell you that an architect scale ruler is vital to their daily business. They would not be able to function without these rulers.

Architect Scale Rulers at Work
Architect Scale Rulers at Work

What is an architect scale ruler? It is a special ruler that is marked in special scales that correspond to the scale of the drawing. If the drawing is done in 1″ = 1 foot, then each inch on the correct scale will represent one foot in the drawing. If the drawing is done in 1/4″ = 1 foot, then each quarter inch on the 1/4 scale corresponds to 1 foot in the drawing. On this particular scale, each 1/4 inch is marked 1,2,3,4,5,6 etc. So that the “4 marking number” is one inch from the zero mark. Simple, so far. But each of these rulers has several scales, so you don’t have to have multiple rulers in your pocket. Other scales can be 1/8, 1/16, 1/3, 3/16 and so forth. The trick of this business is to be able to choose the correct scale for each drawing you are working on. If you are reading a highway map which is drawn to 1/4″ = 1 mile, you would use the 1/4 scale. If you are with me up to this point, you could become an architect!

8 People That Would Love to Receive an Architect Scale Ruler With Your Logo

Architect At Work Using an Architect Scale Ruler
Architect At Work Using an Architect Scale Ruler

If you are thinking of giving a useful gift to some of your customers, here are some ideas. These are the people who would love to get an architect scale ruler from you, with your company logo.

  1. Architect
  2. Kitchen Designer
  3. City Planner
  4. Engineer
  5. Contractor
  6. Builder
  7. Draftsman
  8. Construction Estimator

All of these people design or read blueprints in the course of their daily work. An architect scale ruler is a necessity for measuring the size of objects on the blueprint. It is used in the office and at the job site.

If your company needs to advertise to the people on this list, then you need to order architect scale rulers with your logo permanently engraved.