Can A Pipe Diameter Tape Measure Get You Promoted?

Pipe Diameter Tape Measures for National Boss's Day
Pipe Diameter Tape Measures for National Boss’s Day

Are you itching for a promotion or a raise? Usually hard work pays off, but when it doesn’t, you can always resort to a little harmless bribery, right?
Okay, maybe that is not the best route to take in the business world, but a kind gesture does go a long way. Today is National Boss’s Day, so go ahead and give your boss a little gift to show your appreciation. 
Need ideas? Here are a few!
– a pipe diameter tape measure with “World’s Best Boss” printed on it
– gift card to his/her favorite coffee shop
– a thoughtful basket filled with snacks & treats

Why Are Pipe Diameter Tape Measures So Scarce?

Why Are Pipe Diameter Tape Measures So Scarce?
Why Are Pipe Diameter Tape Measures So Scarce?

In 2021 and still in 2022, there are widespread supply chain issues worldwide. Many products that are made in China have had 2 problems making it to the United States. First of all, is their labor problem. Covid 19 outbreaks have closed down Chinese factories at least twice since 2019. Secondly, transportation issues have been another major issue. The price of shipping has increased drastically, and the port of Los Angeles had a bottleneck issue several months ago.

All these issues have contributed to the dramatic slowdown of raw materials and

Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure

finished products. Pipe diameter tape measures are no exception. Lufkin makes the most popular one, and has shipped only a small amount of inventory in the last 12 months to its distributors. At this point, August 2022, the future of more shipments is uncertain. An alternative diameter tape is made in China, the Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape. Shipments are due in the United States shortly, but maybe not soon enough or big enough to satisfy the need of customers.

A Pipe Diameter Tape Measure is used by oil companies and Water utility companies. The oil companies are doing very well right now, due to the profitability of oil drilling. So their need for these tapes is higher than the supply. This is driving up the price of the Pi-Cobra tapes. Hopefully, this supply chain problem will soon come to an end.

Pipe Diameter Tape Measure CONTEST for Pi Day 2022


Pipe diameter tape measure on National Pi Day
National Pi Day in the USA (Monday March 14, 2022)

What does a pipe diameter tape measure have to do with Pi Day? It’s a tape that you wrap around a pipe (the circumference), and it reads out the diameter for you. You don’t need to divide by pi (3.14159). It’s a simple but amazing tool for those that work with pipelines in oilfields and gas fields. Even arborists use them to measure the diameter of a tree trunk.

What does a “pie” have to do with this? 2 reasons. First, the two words sound the same. Second, pies are round, which is the appropriate shape when you are comparing circumferences and diameters.

So, enjoy the day by eating your favorite pie.

And now for the CONTEST:

What famous scientist was born on Pi Day?

The first person that leaves a comment here, with the correct name, will receive a FREE Diameter Tape in the mail. (Continental US only). Don’t leave your address, for security reasons. I’ll contact you privately for that information.