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How To Measure the Diameter of a Pipe, video

This video shows how simple it is to use a pipe tape to measure the OD of a pipeline. The only tricky part is to remember to use the diameter side, instead of the regular inch side.

Dave Navoyosky demonstrates using a Lufkin diameter tape, which goes up to 23 inches. The Cobra Diameter Tape can go up to 38 inches, but production time is longer to imprint them with your logo. The relationship of the circumference to the diameter of a circle is also explained. These tapes are also called OD tapes, outside diameter tapes, pi tapes, pipe tapes, and pie tapes. The video was produced locally, at the Salem Industrial Park, in Salem, Ohio.

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Here is the video script:

Welcome to diameter-tapes.com instructional video, How to measure the diameter of a pipe. There are different ways of measuring the outside diameter of a pipe. The more expensive, and bulky ways are using a micrometer, or using calipers. The best way, especially out in the field, is to use a handy, pocket-size diameter tape, or OD tape. This one is made by Lufkin, and measures pipes up to 23 inches in diameter. We also have the Cobra brand, which goes up to 38 inches in diameter.

You simply use the diameter side, wrap it around the pipe, wiggle it a little bit to make sure it is nice and snug. Then you read the diameter where it lines up with the zero mark. This pipe is 3.51 inches in diameter. CLOSEUP. Diameter tapes are also called OD tapes, outside diameter tapes, pipe tapes, and pi tapes.

Diameter tapes work because of the relationship of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. The circumference is of course pi times the diameter, or 3.14159 times the diameter. The other side of the tape is a regular inch scale, for making regular measurements. We also have metric diameter tapes, and a rare OD tape with metric diameter on one side, and inch diameter on the other side.

At diameter-tapes.com, we can put your company's full color logo on the vinyl panel of each tape. Diameter-tapes.com is owned by Advantage Advertising, llc, of Salem Ohio. I'm Dave Navoyosky from diameter-tapes.com.