Diameter Tape Measures Salute “World Standards Day”

Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure

Today is International “World Standards Day”. We salute the experts around the world to take on the tasks of standardizing our calendars, clocks, volume measurements, and even Diameter tape measures. They provide for the efficient manufacturing and functioning of our planet. The metric system of CGS (centimeter, gram, second) and MKS (meter, kilogram, second) is the one used by all scientists and the residents of most countries. The Imperial system (inch, pound, second) is used in America, along with the metric system. Many of the packages in America use both systems.

Diameter tape measures are still made for each system, out of necessity. So, there are “2 standards”. Although most users prefer the metric system, a few Americans prefer the inch system. Even the “inch” diameter tape has 2 alternatives.

  • Diameter in 100ths of an inch. This one is used more than the next one. It’s also easier to read, without having to convert to a fraction system. This one is strictly decimal. This makes the results easier to use in your other computations.
  • Diameter in 64ths of an inch. This tape reads how many 64th of an inch the diameter is, if not precisely an even inch. You have to figure in your head that 48 64ths is really 3/4. And 56 64ths is really 7/8.


Answers to the Top 10 Questions Asked About Diameter Tape Measures

Questions About Diameter Tapes Measures
Questions About Diameter Tapes Measures

Top 10 Questions:

  1. How long are they?
  2. Do I have to calculate the diameter, or does the tape tell me the diameter?
  3. Are the tapes traceable to the National Bureau of Standards?
  4. How big of a pipe can they measure?
  5. How soon can I have them?
  6. Can you put our full color logo on them
  7. What kind of an art file do you need?
  8. How accurate are they?
  9. Where are they made?
  10. Do you repair them?

Here are my concise answers about the diameter tape measures..

  1. Most of the pocket diameter tapes are 6 feet long. But the length isn’t really what they are all about. They are not designed to measure length. They measure diameter by wrapping them around the pipe circumference. See answer 4 for a more specific answer.
  2. These tools make it easy for you. You wrap them around the pipe and read off the diameter.
  3. These are pocket tapes. Their size makes them convenient, but they are not traceable to the NBS.
  4. They can measure up to 23 inch diameter pipes. Some go as high as 38 inches in diameter.
  5. Production time is about 3 weeks after you approve a proof.
  6. Yes.
  7. Vector art is the best for this process. That means an eps or ai file are recommended. If you have other types of art, we can convert them.
  8. The inch ones are calibrated to 100ths of an inch, 64ths of an inch, or to one millimeter.
  9. Pi-Cobra tapes are made in China. The Lufkin ones are currently made in Mexico. All are imprinted in the USA.
  10. Sorry, we don’t repair them.

Is A Diameter Tape Measure The Best Gift To Give On Arbor Day?

Diameter Tape Measures for #ArborDay
Diameter Tape Measures for #ArborDay

Did you know that 149 years ago the first Arbor Day was celebrated in the U.S.? It is a springtime holiday that is celebrated nationwide to promote the importance of planting trees.

While in years past community events are usually held to celebrate this holiday, this year it will be quite different. Here are ways to appreciate our world’s trees during this pandemic:

  • Take a walk in the fresh air and look around you!
  • Read a book or find an online resource to expand your knowledge https://www.arborday.org/
  • Plant trees at your home, office, or school
  • Donate money to the Arbor Day Foundation or your local tree commission
  • Send diameter tape measures to employees at your local tree service
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Lufkin OD Tape Measure

These Diameter Tape Measures Can Help You Be a Pi Wizard Today

Diameter Tape Measures for #PiDay
Diameter Tape Measures for #PiDay

Even if you’re not a mathematician, I think it’s safe to say that most people know the symbol .

But do you remember what it actually represents? Here’s a quick math lesson: It’s the ratio of a circle’s circumference (the distance around the circle) to its diameter (edge to edge, measuring through the center). Today is March 14th (3.14),  but most math nerds like to celebrate it as #PiDay!

Did you also know..

  •  is constant for any circle, any size
  • Continues to infinity
  • In 1706 William Shaw, a Welsh mathematician, introduced the  symbol.
  • In 2010 a Japanese engineer and an American computer scientist broke the record for most digits calculated past the decimal: 5 trillion!
  • If you need to calculate the diameter of a tree trunk, pipe, or anything cylindrical, you will need a diameter tape measure. Just use it to measure the circumference, and it will calculate the diameter for you!
Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Lufkin OD Tape Measure

How To Choose The Best Christmas Tree With A Diameter Tape Measure

Diameter Tape Measure & Christmas Trees
Diameter Tape Measure & Christmas Trees

Have you heard about the new secret tool to help you choose the best Christmas tree this year?

It is none other than the trusty diameter tape measure.

Sure, you can use your eyes to look for the tallest, widest, bushiest tree… but it’s not until you measure the stump with your diameter tape measure that you will truly know the tree’s age.

Just stick it in your pocket when you’re heading to the Christmas tree farm!

Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure W606PD
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure W606PD

Here Is The Only Pipe Diameter Tape Measure You Need (Plus A Bonus One!)

It’s pretty safe to say that we’ve entered the 2020 Holiday Season. What will your Thanksgiving and Christmas look like this year? COVID has put quite a damper on the holidays, but I’m sure we can figure out some modified ways to celebrate.

As you’re planning your company’s holiday gift list, don’t forget to include this #1 pipe diameter tape measure!  ——>

Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure


And this one comes in at a close 2nd!  —–>

Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure W606PD
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure W606PD

Happy Birthday To The Diameter Tape Measure!

Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay
Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay

Today may seem like a regular old Tuesday in July, but did you know that today is the one day a year we can officially celebrate the diameter tape measure? Today is Tape Measure Day!

Some fun facts:

  • William H. Bangs received the first patent in 1864 for a spring return pocket tape measure
  • 1920s: the concave-convex tape measure was invented (the current standard design of tapes); these become mass-produced
  • 1956: longest tape measure made- 600’ long!
  • Any of these retractable tape measures & diameter tape measures can be imprinted with your logo:
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Barlow 25' Gripper Tape Measure
Barlow 25′ Gripper Tape Measure
Lufkin 25' Chrome Legacy Tape Measure
Lufkin 25′ Chrome Legacy Tape Measure

The Most Essential Tool That Our Foresters Need is a Diameter Tape Measure

Diameter Tape Measures for Foresters
Diameter Tape Measures for Foresters

When you think of a logger or forester, what is the first tool that comes to mind? Probably a chainsaw, right? Well the other tool that they use on a daily basis is a diameter tape measure. What exactly do they use this specialized tape measure for?

  • To wrap about tree branches, logs, and trunks to determine their diameter without cutting them
  • To help estimate the age of the tree
  • To determine the value of the tree if it’s being logged
  • For landscapers, it also helps calculate the amount of fertilizer needed

To be consistent, all loggers measure standing trees with their diameter tape measures at Diameter Breast Height (DBH), which is 4.5’ above ground.

Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Diameter Tape Measure