The 2 Best Promotional Maglites® For Christmas Presents

Maglites Are The Best Christmas Gift
Maglites® Are The Best Christmas Gifts

The 2 most popular Promotional Maglites® used at Christmas time are these. They make the best present for your business customers and employees. Thrill your workers and clients with a USA-made torch and you will be remembered for your generosity.

Mag-Lite Promotional Products K3A MagLite® Solitaire Flashlight


M2A Mini MagLite® M2A Mini MagLite®


Why We Love Custom Calendar Printing (And You Should, Too!)


We love to see our very own pictures on a wall calendar. We just take our own pics with our own digital camera. There’s no need to hire a professional photographer. This is great if you have….

  • A soccer team
  • A fleet of trucks
  • A barn full of race horses
  • Some other prize livestock
  • A hot air balloon club
  • A line of machines that you manufacture
  • A family reunion
  • Pictures of the houses you design or build
  • Sport cars that you collected
  • Motorcycles that you sell
  • Pictures of all the fish you caught last year
  • Pictures of all the deer you bagged

    Custom Calendar using your very own hi res pictures Custom Calendar Printing With Your Own Pictures, 350

Let your imagination go wild when you design a custom calendar printing project. Your team or customers will enjoy the personalized surprise you made for them.


6 Signs You Should Invest in Promotional Maglites®

Happy Customers Like Maglites®

If you have customers, then you should have promotional Maglites®. Here are the best reasons……

  1. Maglites® are know all over the world, and are still made in the USA.
  2. Maglites® professionally laser engraved with your corporate logo are the perfect business gift.
  3. They are appreciated by both men and women.
  4. They last forever, and have a limited lifetime warranty in the western hemisphere.
  5. Are your customers shopping around? Keep them happy with a Maglite® for Christmas.
  6. Your competitors may be planning a nice business gift this year. Are you?
Are You?
Are You?