6 Secrets of Custom Calendar Printing


Custom Calendar
Custom Calendar

Custom calendar printing is putting your own pictures on a 12 month calendar. New technology has made this possible at a very low cost. No longer are 4 color plates needed. Modern color printers eliminated them for small quantity print jobs.

Want to advertise your business on a wall calendar? Here are 6 secrets I’ll bet you didn’t know:

  1. 85% of promotional calendar orders repeat.
  2. 70% of calendar recipients intend to do business with the company that gave them the calendar.
  3. 74% of calendar recipients remember the name of the advertiser on their wall calendar.
  4. Each household has an average of 3.12 calendars.
  5. 82% of all recipients love getting a calendar as a gift.
  6. 98% of all people look at a calendar every day of the year.

These statistics were provided by Promotional Products Association International: “A Study of Calendar Usage in US Households” (2011).

Custom Calendar Printing
Custom Calendar Printing