The Next Surprise in Promotional Maglites®

What will the next surprise be in Promotional Maglites®?

Maglite-Paul Rizzo-Dave Navoyosky
Maglite-Paul Rizzo-Dave Navoyosky

Here are some possibilities. (Simply our light-hearted uneducated guesses)

  1. Made in the USA out of US and foreign parts (Other great manufacturers have gone this route. Could we see it with these famous flashlights?)
  2. Made in Taiwan
  3. Warranty reduced to 90 days. Optional extended warranty available for $29 per year.
  4. Don’t want to buy one? Rent one by the month.
  5. Free batteries for 5 years.
  6. Need one for just a day? Pick one up at a Torch Kiosk. Return it to any Torch Kiosk. Only $1 per hour. If you don’t return it for a week, your credit card will be charged $200.
  7. $15 discount when you trade in any other brand flashlight for a real Maglite®.
  8. Do you need one delivered? Just call Yuber, and they will bring you one to purchase. $37 delivery and processing charge.

Let us know what your guess is, by adding a comment to this blog.


6 Secrets of Custom Calendar Printing


Custom Calendar
Custom Calendar

Custom calendar printing is putting your own pictures on a 12 month calendar. New technology has made this possible at a very low cost. No longer are 4 color plates needed. Modern color printers eliminated them for small quantity print jobs.

Want to advertise your business on a wall calendar? Here are 6 secrets I’ll bet you didn’t know:

  1. 85% of promotional calendar orders repeat.
  2. 70% of calendar recipients intend to do business with the company that gave them the calendar.
  3. 74% of calendar recipients remember the name of the advertiser on their wall calendar.
  4. Each household has an average of 3.12 calendars.
  5. 82% of all recipients love getting a calendar as a gift.
  6. 98% of all people look at a calendar every day of the year.

These statistics were provided by Promotional Products Association International: “A Study of Calendar Usage in US Households” (2011).

Custom Calendar Printing
Custom Calendar Printing


New Drilling Technique To Expand Oil Drilling In US

Oil engineers are using hydraulic fracturing to release oil from underground shale. This is the same method that gas well drillers have recently developed. This could yield as much as 2 million barrels of oil a day. That’s more than the output of the entire Gulf of Mexico. EOG Resources was the first company to use horizontal drilling to obtain shale oil. This info was obtained from AP Energy Writer, Jonathan Fahey, Feb. 10, 2011.