6 Common Misconceptions About The Pipe Diameter Tape Measure

W906PDC Diameter Tape
W906PDC Diameter Tape

The Pipe diameter tape measure is often misunderstood, and often unheard of. That’s because most people don’t need one. But if you understand what it can do, you would probably use one.

  1. It’s too hard to use. False. All you do it wrap it around the pipe and read the diameter right off the tape.
  2. It’s too bulky to carry in my pocket. False. Many are no bigger than 1 1/2 inches square, and 1/4 ” thick.
  3. I can’t find any at the hardware store. False. Try an online store. They are out there.
  4. It’s not accurate. False. The simple pocket Lufkin diameter tape is accurate to the 100th of an inch of diameter.
  5. It’s no better than using a regular tape and dividing by pi. False. Due to the calibration and the location of the zero mark, it is made specifically to measure pipe diameters.
  6. It is not useful for the everyday person. False. You can measure the diameter of a tree, a hose in your car or boat, your furnace pipe, or plumbing in your home. Want to find out the diameter of that water pipe in your basement, so you can replace it? And you don’t want to cut it to measure it? Use a Pipe diameter tape measure.
Diameter Tape w606pmc
Diameter Tape w606pmc

New Architect Scale Rulers Introduced With Your Logo Imprinted

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Not everyone is an architect, but many non-architects use their tools. Architect scale rulers and pocket tapes are used by many people in the construction trades and real estate. For example:

  • Draftsmen
  • Plumbing estimators
  • HVAC estimators
  • Electrical estimators
  • Painting estimators
  • Concrete and block estimators
  • Carpenters
  • Builders
  • General Contractors
  • Owners who are planning a new building
  • Civil Engineers
  • Realtors
  • Real estate tax assessors
  • Tax map office employees
  • Excavators
  • Yard sprinkler system estimators

If you see some of your customers on this list, then you can advertise to them in a special way. Let us put your logo on an architect tape or  ruler. It will be appreciated, will last a long time and will be visible every day.

W616AC scale tape W616AC Lufkin Architect Tape


How A Pipe Diameter Measuring Tape Can Make Your Life Easier

Pipe Diameter Measuring Tape
Pipe Diameter Measuring Tape

If you are in the oil business, or drilling, or plumbing business, you are always measuring pipes. You also need to know the outside diameter of pipelines and pipe fittings that are part of a piping system. How do you do that without cutting the pipeline and measuring the diameter directly?

  • Use a caliper, and transfer the measurement to a metal rule. This works, but is only as accurate as the metal rule, and your ability to transfer the distance to the rule. Also, who wants to carry around a caliper all day?
  • Use an OD micrometer. But what size micrometer do you need? A 0-1 mic will only measure a pipe that is less than 1 inch in diameter. A 1-2 mic will only measure a pipe that is between 1 and 2 inches in diameter. Who want to keep a whole set of mics with them in the field?
  • Use a flexible measuring tape, wrap it around the pipeline, make a reading and divide by pi. This works, but it’s not that accurate because the markings are on the side of the tape that is not physically next to the pipe. Your are really measuring the diameter of the pipe plus twice the thickness of the tape.
  • At last, the best and easiest way to get the diameter of a pipe: Use a Lufkin Pipe diameter measuring tape. The diameter tape does all the work for you! Just wrap it around the pipe and read the diameter.

    Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape
    Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape

Add A Pipe Diameter Measuring Tape To Your Toolbox

What's the diameter of this Pipeline?
What’s the diameter of this Pipeline?

Diameter tape measures are able to give you the diameter of a pipe, pipeline, log, or any other round object. They do it in 1 easy step. All you do is wrap the pipe diameter measuring tape around the pipe and read off the diameter. A regular tape measure would give you the circumference. Then you would have to divide by pi (3.14159). That adds another step, plus you would need a calculator, pencil, and paper to arrive at the diameter.

Why do you need a diameter tape in your toolbox?

  • To measure the diameter of a heater hose in your car, for replacement.
  • To measure the diameter of your round furnace ductwork, so you can extend it, or tap into it.

    Furnace ductwork in your home
    Furnace ductwork in your home
  • To find the diameter of a hose in your boat, so you can replace it. You can go buy the new hose without  removing the old one first.

    Pipes and hoses on your boat
    Pipes and hoses on your boat
  • To find the diameter of pipes or copper tubing, or plastic pipe in your house plumbing, so you can extend it, or add onto it.
5600 × 4200 – servicemaster
Pipes in your basement
Pipes in your basement