Engraved Flashlights Just Entered the Era of Technology

Flashlights aren’t what they used to be. Do you remember the big old ones of the 1950’s? They had an incandescent bulb and 2 D batteries. The bulbs would burn out once in a while, the batteries would leak and destroy the flashlight. Or you would drop it and break the glass lens.

Engraved Flashlights Enter the Technology Era
Engraved Flashlights Enter the Technology Era

Then came the 6 volt lantern batteries and the accompanying lantern flashlights. They were very bright and would last a long time. But, same old incandescent bulb.

Then in 1979 Anthony Maglica invented and manufactured Maglites. This flashlight had a rugged aluminum barrel, and was well built. Still it had the same old incandescent bulb.

The era of technology then drove Mr. Maglica to change the bulb (and the accompanying circuitry) to the LED bulb. I don’t know the year of this change.

Now, in 2021, Some engraved flashlights use COB bulbs, which are even brighter than LED bulbs. And some circuits even make it possible to have different light levels, flashing, strobing, and SOS blinking.

Flashlights have come a long way since the 1950’s. Let’s remember this on January 6, National Technology Day.

The Magic of Custom Calendar Printing With Your Own Pictures

Johannes Gutenberg Invented the Printing Press
Johannes Gutenberg Invented the Printing Press

I use the word “Magic” loosely. The explosion of personal computers in the last 40 years has been accompanied by a dramatic increase in the quality of printing from those computers. 40 years is a really short amount of time as far as printing technology goes. 40 years is very short compared to the year 1439, when Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press and movable type in Europe. In 40 years we went from the time nobody could print a document or picture in their own house, to now, in 2016, when everyone with a personal computer can design and print in high resolution full color.  We can even print our own wall calendars, with our own pictures of our family. If we have 12 children, we can make a wall calendar with one of our children on each month.

There is one difficulty of doing this ourselves. Where do we get the template for the year? If we find one, can we modify it to our needs? How do we spiral bind it? Fortunately, we can have someone else make Custom Calendar Printing for us. There are many companies who do this, and specialize 1-10 copies. If you need 50 or so, some other companies are more suited to your job. And their cost per calendar is very small. Save your ink, and let them do it.

Custom Calendar using your very own hi res pictures Custom Calendar Printing With Your Own Pictures