7 Common Misconceptions About Oilfield Tally Books

  1. Oilfield tally books are just for oilfield workers. False. See the next item.
  2. No one else needs these books. False. They are very useful to scorekeepers, foresters, linemen, cable guys, contractors, pipeline installers, well drillers, surveyors, and engineers.
  3. They come in 1 size only. False. They come in 2 sizes. 8 5/16″ high and 6″ high.
  4. They come in 1 style only. False. They come in many styles.
  5. They cannot be printed with your logo. False. Your 1-color or full-color logo can be imprinted on the cover.
  6. They cannot have a continuous imprint spanning the front and back cover. False. A full wrap is possible, with a full bleed.
  7. They wear out fast. False. They are durable, and protected by a vinyl cover. A new option is the “stone pad”, an alternative to a paper pad. It is waterproof and tear-proof.

3323-ring-bound Tally Book Junior – Steno Style 3323

3420camotally.jpg Oilfield Camo® Pipe Tally Books 3420

3400ENT-3410ENT.jpg Full Color Custom Tally Book 3400ENT

4 Quick Tips About Pipe Tally Books

Are you looking for a good deal when you order custom Pipe Tally Books?   Here is some simple advice from a person who has been selling tally books to oil and gas drilling companies for 25 years.

New Oilfield Camo Design Tally Book
New Oilfield Camo Design Tally Book
  • High quality is better than cheap price. Get pipe tally books that have a sewn pad, instead of glued-in pages. You want this to be a permanent record of field data. You don’t want the pages to fall out, and get mixed up. Stone pads (instead of paper pads) are now available. They are waterproof, and won’t tear.
  • Custom Pipe Tally Books
    Custom Pipe Tally Books

    Pick the best type of imprint. A full-color imprint protected by a layer of clear vinyl will hold up the best in all kinds of weather.

  • Find a company that has above average service. A company with a well-designed website that is easy to use, and makes ordering fun, is a company that will deliver what you want. Fly-by-night companies will have a cheap looking website.
  • 3410-Jr TallybookQuantity. Buy a quantity of custom tally books sufficient to last you a while. The shelf life of a tally book is very long. You will get a better price if you order a larger quantity.

6 Quick Tips About Custom Pipe Tally Books

Custom Pipe Tally Books
Custom Pipe Tally Books

Custom pipe tally books are used by people in the oil drilling and gas industries and energy companies. They use them to record data such as pipe size, length, time of day or night that a new pipe was connected. But many other people find them very useful. These are used by trucking companies, news media, survey crews, power companies, contractors, geologists, biologists, botanists, zoologists, maintenance people, mud loggers, railroad workers, and environmentalists.

Here are 6 tips, to help you get the most out of your “pocket buddy”.

New Oilfield Camo Design Tally Book
New Oilfield Camo Design Tally Book
  1. Get a tally book with a pen loop attached to it. This keeps your pen where you need it the most.
  2. Get one with a hard cover, or a flexible cover. You can determine what is the best for you.
  3. Determine if you want a sewn-in pad or a wire-o pad. A sewn-in pad is a permanent arrangement. A wire-o pad allows the pages to easily be torn out, but the book lies flat when you are using it.
  4. If you work in a wet environment, get a “stone pad” instead of a “paper pad”. The new Stone Pads will not get soggy when wet. They won’t tear, either. Also use a writing instrument that works well when wet.
  5. Does size matter? Choose between a standard 8″ size, or the 6″ junior.
  6. Get your company logo imprinted in
    Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Book
    Custom Full Color Imprint on Tally Book

    full color on the cover of your custom pipe tally books. This is good for your image.