3 Tally Books To Make Your Job Easier

Oilfield Tally Books
Oilfield Tally Books

Do you work outside (or inside) and keep hourly track of:

  • Number of pipe sections you hooked up to your drilling rig
  • Number and location of defects in a pipeline or electric service line
  • The condition and species of trees on a curb lawn
  • The dial readings of gauges at various locations
  • The meter readings at all the houses in a neighborhood
  • The condition of the machines in a factory at various times of the day
  • Any other number, value, or condition of any entity in your job area

Then you need heavy duty Tally Books to keep track of these things.

Here are the 3 most popular styles to make your record-keeping job easier:

All are made and printed in the United States. USA-made by American workers.


3315-Default Flexible Tally Book with Sewn Pad 3315

3400.jpg Pipe Tally Books 3400

3410-Jr Tallybook.jpg Tally Book Junior 3410


6 Ways To Use A Pipe diameter tape measure

To find the diameter of a pipe or hose, without cutting it or removing it, you need a pipe diameter tape measure. Many times when you are replacing pipes and hoses, you need to know the size before you remove the old one. You may want to purchase the new one and have it ready so you can make a quick replacement. Here are 6 ways you can benefit from using a a pipe diameter tape measure….You can measure:

  1. Household water pipes and drain pipes.
  2. Automotive heater hoses
  3. Trees
  4. Car exhaust pipes
  5. Boat water intake hoses
  6. Globes for light fixtures


And here is how you let a diameter tape do the work for you: