A Big Secret About the Diameter Tape Measure

The Diameter Tape Secret
The Diameter Tape Measure Secret

Diameter tape measures are made for wrapping around pipes and poles, to find the diameter. That’s a good enough reason to keep one in your tool box, garage, and vehicle. But there’s one feature that no one talks about, until now….

The other side of the diameter tape measure is a regular tape measure, in inches or centimeters. It measures length, not diameter. So, even though it is a special tape, it is also a handy every day tape, too. Lufkin, and the other manufacturers, thought of everything when they designed these handy pocket tapes. Everyone should have one or two.

Lufkin Y906PD pipe diameter tape measure, not Barlow W906PD Lufkin Diameter Tape


How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe

Question Please
Question Please

A simple question that is often asked by workers in the pipe industries. Now here’s a simple answer: How to measure the diameter of a pipe.

  • Clean the pipe off.
  • Get a quality diameter tape measure.
  • Wrap it around the pipe, snuggly, to give the shortest value.
  • Make sure the side with the diameter scale is showing.
  • Read the diameter on the scale that is at the zero mark at the beginning of the scale.

There is the simple answer, because the process really is that simple. Now you can show off by finding the diameter of a telephone pole, a tree, a radiator hose, a pencil, and a tire.

How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe
How to Measure the Diameter of a Pipe