Pipe Diameter Tape Measure Comparison of Brands

The 2 popular brands of Pipe Diameter Tape Measures are:

Lufkin w906pd

W906PD Pipe Diameter Tape Measure
W906PD Lufkin Diameter Tape, Inches




Pipe Diameter Tape Measure Pi-Cobra
Pi-Cobra Diameter Tape Measure

Pi-Cobra T-217-6654

The similarities are:

  • Strong metal case
  • Pocket sized
  • Diameter in 100ths of an inch on one side, and linear inches on the other side
  • About the same price
  • Yellow metal tape insert
  • Your imprint can be in full color (cmyk)

The differences are:

  • Maximum diameter of the Lufkin in 23 inches. Maximum diameter of the Pi-Cobra is 38″.
  • Lufkin is made in Mexico and China. Pi-Cobra is made in China.
  • Luflin can be imprinted on the front only. The back is polished chrome. Pi-Cobra can be imprinted on both the front and back.


Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure
Lufkin Pipe Diameter Tape Measure

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