Who Needs Promotional Maglites?

If you have customers or employees, you need Promotional Maglites.

Promotional Maglitess® Come In Multiple Colors
Promotional Maglites® Come In Multiple Colors

When you give these to your customers, they will keep them (with your logo) for many years. These gifts are appreciated and useful. Can you say that about any other kind of advertising, like newspapers, tv ads, and google ads?

Your employees are another target group for this kind of gift. Maglites will show them that you care enough to give a quality business gift. They give your employees a better sense of belonging to the “team”.

77% of the recipients of business gifts said that a product’s usefulness is the main reason that they kept it.

85% of the same group remember who gave them this special gift.

(From a study by Amsterdam Promo Products).

If a customer or employee keeps your Maglite 10 years, your cost for that advertising is about one cent per day!

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