Happy Birthday To The Diameter Tape Measure!

Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay
Diameter Tape Measures for #TapeMeasureDay

Today may seem like a regular old Tuesday in July, but did you know that today is the one day a year we can officially celebrate the diameter tape measure? Today is Tape Measure Day!

Some fun facts:

  • William H. Bangs received the first patent in 1864 for a spring return pocket tape measure
  • 1920s: the concave-convex tape measure was invented (the current standard design of tapes); these become mass-produced
  • 1956: longest tape measure made- 600’ long!
  • Any of these retractable tape measures & diameter tape measures can be imprinted with your logo:
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Lufkin OD Tape Measure
Barlow 25' Gripper Tape Measure
Barlow 25′ Gripper Tape Measure
Lufkin 25' Chrome Legacy Tape Measure
Lufkin 25′ Chrome Legacy Tape Measure

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