Shine a Light On Your Loved One’s Memory with a Candle Lighter

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

On the second Sunday in December candles worldwide are lit at 7pm to commemorate and honor the memory of a child who has passed. The Compassionate Friends organization established Worldwide Candle Lighting Day in 1997 for family and friends to remember their sweet little ones who left the world too soon.

There are many ways in which to participate in this worldwide holiday:

  • Attend your local candle lighting service at 7:00pm local time & help light everyone’s candles with your electric candle lighter
  • Find a local chapter of Compassionate Friends to support
  • Preserve memory of child by engraving their name on an electric candle lighter
Electric Candle Lighter
Electric Candle Lighter

Why Are Maglite Flashlights The Best Christmas Presents?

Maglite Flashlights for Christmas
Maglite Flashlights for Christmas

Be the best Santa this year, and give the best Christmas present to all your employees! Why choose to put your company logo on Maglite Flashlights? Here are the key answers:

  • They are perfectly suitable for any age, and either sex.
  • Maglites last forever, even though the warranty says 10 years.
  • If the Maglite® is still around, so is your logo, which is permanently laser engraved on the barrel.
  • They are extremely useful gifts.
  • Your employees recognize the quality of a Maglite flashlight.
  • They are made in the USA.
  • A Maglite® gift will make you a super Santa, and a super hero!