Did Christopher Columbus Use An Architect Scale Ruler?

Architect Scale Rulers for #ColumbusDay
Architect Scale Rulers for #ColumbusDay

As our minds drift back to elementary American history lessons tomorrow, one can only think, “Did Christopher Columbus have access to an architect scale ruler in his day?”

Okay, sure, that’s probably not the first question that pops to mind when you think about Columbus Day. But surely, Columbus must have possessed a ruler of sorts to help measure his ships, even if it wasn’t an architect scale ruler.

Did you know..

  • Basic rulers can be dated back to 2650 BCE
  • Architect scale rulers are usually made of durable aluminum or rigid plastic
  • These specialty rulers help architects accurately make their drawings to scale
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure
Architects Scale Lufkin tape measure
Hollow Triangular Architect 12" Scale
Hollow Triangular Architect 12″ Scale

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