How to Use an Architect Scale Ruler

Let’s jump right into a subject that is close to everyone: Designing a kitchen. The architect scale ruler is a very useful device to plan your new kitchen. It helps you to draw your room and appliances to scale, and to read the measurements later. It will tell you if there is enough room to place a refrigerator in a certain part of your space.

Designing Your Kitchen with an Architect Scale Ruler
Designing Your Kitchen with an Architect Scale Ruler

Now let’s get to the nitty gritty. Which scale should you use on the ruler? Your ruler may have some or all of these scales:

(1/8, ¼), (½, 1), (3/8, 3/4), (3, 1½)

If you use the “1” scale, that would mean that 1 inch on the scale equals one foot in real life. Let’s not use that one, because your 15 foot long kitchen would need a piece of paper at least 15 inches long. Let’s use the 1/4 scale, which means 1/4 inch on the scale (on the paper) represents  one foot in real life. This means that your 8 inch wide paper will represent 32 feet. Your kitchen will fit on that paper now.

From here on, you just measure your room and appliances, and draw them on your paper, to scale.

A quick designer tip: Draw your appliances to scale on colored paper, cut them out, and move them around on your drawing for the best arrangement. Also, do the same with any other cabinets or tables that you already have, and want to use them in your design.

Have fun designing your dream kitchen!