The Next Big Thing In Thermos Bottles

A brief history of the Thermos® Bottle goes back to 1892. The glass vacuum flask was invented by Sir James Dewar of Scotland. It was intended to keep chemical experiments at a constant temperature. William B. Walker obtained the patent rights and founded The American Thermos Bottle Company in 1907. The first bottles in the Brooklyn NY factory were double-glass vacuum bottles and protected by a metal cylinder. Then in 1966, a new design was introduced. The Thermos bottles were made with a double wall of stainless steel. No glass was used. Now you could drop the bottle and not be disappointed with a broken glass insert.

Today, the latest design is a hi-end replacement for the Koozie® sleeve. It holds a soft drink can or a beer bottle, and keeps it cold for much longer.

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2 Thermos Water Bottles You Have Never Seen

The thermos bottle was a ground-breaking invention of Sir James Dewar in 1892. He was an Oxford University scientist. His invention was bought in 1907 by three companies around the world. Since then, Thermos has been a household name. The companies have undergone numerous sales and acquisitions, even as late as 1997. One thing has remained constant over the years.. the quality of a useful everyday consumer product. The original Thermos water bottle used a vacuum in a glass insert. Now the vacuum is held by a double wall stainless steel container. Stainless steel is more durable than glass.

Here are 2 Thermos products you might not be aware of.

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