How To Choose The Right Tally Books For Your Workforce

Pipe Tally Books for Gas and Oil Workers
Pipe Tally Books for Gas and Oilfield Workers

Gas and oilfield workers are the most prominent users of pipe tally books. They need to write in them every time they add another pipe to the drilling rig. These hard working people keep track of pressure readings and inventory in their critical jobs 24 hours a day. How do you choose which tally books you buy for them?

The books should be:

  • Durable (vinyl is great for this purpose)
  • Weather resistant
  • Small enough to fit in a pocket
  • Colorful enough so they won’t get lost in a pile of stuff
  • The right color to show off your corporate logo on the front vinyl cover
  • Able to hold a removable water-resistant “stone” paper pad, which is “un-rippable”
  • Designed with an integral pen loop

When you equip your men with the right products, they can focus on their work.


3400.jpg Pipe Tally Books 3400 (Top Seller)


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