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Architect Scale Tape Measures

Architect scale rulers and tape measures are used in construction and engineering. Your company logo will look great on these tapes when you give them to your clients or employees. Not only architects use these tapes. Painting estimators, HVAC, electrical, structural steel, and carpentry estimators call them a daily necessity.  We have a variety of styles and price ranges, to suit your individual needs. We will be adding the rulers shortly.

These useful tapes do the same thing as a ruler, except they are very portable. You won't even notice one is in your pocket.

To operate one, just look at the information box on the blueprint. It should say what scale the drawing was made in. If it is 1/8, then use the side of the tape that is marked 1/8. This means that every mark is 1/8 inch apart. Every eighth inch equals one foot (or one unit) on the blueprint. If the blueprint says 1/4, then use the 1/4 side of the scale.

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Email your logo to us, and we can put it on the architect tape measures for you. This is a great way to advertise your company on a useful product. 

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