PROMOTIONAL PRODUCT ITEMS & Quality Business Gifts For advertising your LOGO and showing appreciation to your valued customers

We offer imprinted items and promotional corporate gifts with your LOGO to boost your company's sales and profit!  Your customers or employees will appreciate a quality gift for many months to come.  What other advertising is "useful" and "appreciated"?  Imprinted Corporate gifts are also used as office staff and employee safety awards and service awards. Quality promotional advertising items and calendars are a great way to enhance your company during Christmas, Thanksgiving, and other holidays. Going to a trade show? Instead of handing out your business cards, give promotional products, instead. The average life of a business card is 5 minutes after it leaves your hand. A give-away product lasts many months, is visible, and appreciated by your contacts. Many imprinted promotional items are made in the USA.This is the most popular site for promotional Lufkin Pipe Diameter tapes and Barlow Tapes.

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w96pdc Lufkin Diameter Tape
Pocket Knives Promotional Products
Engraved Promotional Mag Lights
Promotional 20122 Barlow Chrome Tape
Good Promotional Items To Advertise Your Company or Group
20217 Barlow Chrome Tape Measure
Awards and Promotional Products
w906pc Lufkin Diameter Tape

These are our BEST Selling imprinted corporate logo gifts.......

Pipe tally books for oil and gas industries. Your imprint on the front. Optional Full-Color Imprint
Compact square design with rounded top, just like the Zippo tape measure.
Mag-Lite Promotional Products
Your LOGO will be laser engraved on this Mag-Lite® K3A flashlight.
Lufkin Y906PD pipe diameter tape measure, not Barlow
W906PDC Lufkin Chrome Plated DIAMETER Tape Measure, in 100ths of an inch.
A small handy vinyl calendar that can stick in any location
An attractive sport shirt designed for rugged conditions and multiple industrial washings.
WH4 Quality Wood Handle Pocket Knife With Your Company Logo Laser Engraved
Layered Wood Design. All Stainless Steel Construction Executive Grade Single Blade Locks.
These Pi-Cobra 10 foot od tapes measure diameter up to 38 inches.
W393 architect tape
Your full-color logo will look great on this Lufkin Architects tape.

For Barlow knives like Tom Sawyer had, visit

For more pocketknives with your LOGO and engraved pocket knives, visit, where we have famous Case, Barlow, Boker, Gerber, Kershaw, and engraved Buck knives.

Engraved Buck Knives




How I got started in this promotional items, tape measure, and knife business. I remember enjoying giving away trinkets and other small items when I was about 9 years old. It made me feel like a big shot, and I enjoyed how the other kids reacted when they got something cool. The things I gave away were not always new. Some were slightly used, but still had a lot of impact. In the kitchen, under a table, I had a box of wires and other things too good to throw away. That's were I would go to sort through the pile of Cracker Jack trinkets and cereal box toys. I would find about 4 or 5 nice ones, and take them out of the house. Then if the neighbor boys weren't around, I'd walk up the alley to the kids that lived on sixth street. Mary Ann Minamyer was always appreciative of my habit. I'd give her a plastic monkey, or whatever, and she would be amazed at it. I don't think she was faking it. Then Mark and Leroy Taylor, and Molly Minamyer would benefit from my generosity. Life was so simple then. It was easy to get excited about a plastic monkey, or a whistle ring, or a compass, or a special decoder ring. I think this was the time before bicycles occupied our time, and way before girls occupied our time.

At the time, I never realized that I would grow up and find that adults like to give little things away, too. Business owners, especially, like to do that. And they like to put an advertising message on them, and call them promotional products. They also like to see their Logo on them. So now I'm in the adult world, and helping  business people get more business. At the same time, they are enjoying "giving", as I did when I was nine. They enjoy giving promotional business gifts and other imprinted promotional products, and reaping the benefits of better customer relations and employee appreciation. These give-aways have a business purpose, but they are deep-rooted in our desire to give. So that's my Made-In-USA story.

 When you, as a business owner, want to show your customers how much you appreciate them, I can help. When you want to show your employees how much you notice their loyalty, or their safety record, I can help. I can put your company logo on any promotional product that can be imprinted. Let me know about your need, and I'll suggest a few promotional products that will become the solution. Please send email.

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