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NEW MagLites® with your corporate Logo

NEW. Introduced in 2016. We are always looking for ways of improving the best USA-made flashlight. This year we have 5 new models, available in 2 different sizes. So really 10 new "torches" for this year.

Some of the new features are "new grip", new overall lengths, more brightness, more economical pricing. You won't find all these features in every style. You can pick the most important characteristics you want, then find the item that suits you best.

Since after 37 years, we have many models to choose from, shopping for that perfect Mag-Lite® can be confusing. So we thought now is the time to put the new models in a special place. A place that is easy for you to find.

Although not advertised, some of these new styles incorporate the new "Cree" bulb technology. This greatly increases the Lumen brightness of the flashlight.

Promotional Maglite® flashlights are a perfect corporate gift for any business. They are good for industrial promotions, safety programs, and automotive dealers. Some of the best users are companies in the camping, transportation, and construction businesses.

Mag-Lites® have revolutionized the world. Never before has there been a dependable, durable flashlight. The brightness of a Mag-Lite® has been unequaled by any other light with the same battery power.

They are so rugged, that campers, contractors, and security people find them useful. Among the contractors are electricians, plumbers, and carpenters, Appliance repairmen, heating/air conditioning (HVAC) installers, exterminators, cable men, and computer repair people also use them. Mag Lites® are the first choice by medical and security professionals around the globe. They are dependable and heavy-duty enough to last you a lifetime.

Note: A large number of people find us on Google using these variations of spellings. Examples are: maglight flashlights, meg-lites, meglights, and mag lights. They are all looking for the same great product. We just want to give you the best product and the best service.

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